Its only been one week since Google I/O, but already some of the functionality that was announced by Google is being offered by third-party vendors. Today, it’s OrangeScape, which is offering a number of quick action buttons in its KiSSFLOW workflow builder.

The quick action buttons in question enable users to perform actions from inside the subject line of an email without ever having to openit. According to Google, the launch of quick actions buttons in emails make emails more interactive by enabling third-party products to deliver a slice of those apps into their users’ inboxes.

OrangeScape KiSSFLOW

Let’s take a quick look at KiSSFLOW.The brainchildof start-up OrangeScape, KiSSFLOW, or Keep it Simple & Smart Workflow, is a workflowproductthat has been built specifically  with Google Apps in mind.

It offers users a simple, visual way of building and automating workflows around their email use and puts the design of these workflows in the hands of business users rather than developers by providing a way to manage and change workflows without having to change the code. Specifically, it enables business users that are migrating to Google Apps to move their existing workflows based on Lotus Notes.

The result is that businesses can create workflows for common business documents like expense reports or expense claims,in a small number of easy steps.

KiSSFLOW Quick Action Buttons

Learning Opportunities

KiSSFLOW Action Buttons

Into this then, OrangeScape is adding the quick action buttons. They can perform all kinds of functions depending on the developer. OrangesScape cites the example of Gmail. In Gmail, email buttons enables users to carry out a number of actions like RSVP to invites or see other kinds of information relevant to the email user.

With KiSSFLOW, all business workflows notification will now also be sent as quick action notifications so that users will be able to carry out tasks like ‘Approve’ by clicking on the buttondisplayed in the message’s subject line.

KiSSFLOW is priced at US$ 3.00 per user per month and available in the Google Enterprise Marketplace. Quick action buttons are included with no additional charge.