LinkedIn has added an iPad app to go along with newly redesigned iPhone and Android apps. LinkedIn waited even longer than Facebook to finally release an iPad app, but the result is a polished new look for the powerful professional networking tool.

LinkedIn HD

New apps mean some bugs will have to be ironed out, but the look of the app is very important on the iPad. LinkedIn made sure to optimize theapp for the new iPad, so anyone downloading the updated version fortheir iPhone should take note the app is a bit larger of afile size.Additionally, since many people use their iPads in the morning and atnight, LinkedIn has added a new calender feature that pulls in Google orExchange info to show people you might be meeting with.


LinkedIn's iPad app introduces a more refined design for the profile, update and calender sections.

Updates Get More Emphasis

While meeting new business contacts is a big part of LinkedIn's appeal, status updates are a feature that people just gravitate too. That's in large part because of the success of social networks like Facebook. The new LinkedIn iPad app makes good use of the update feature, and it looks much more inviting than the website version.

Where the Web version just shows a handful of brief updates from a person's connections, the iPad version just shows who's changed jobs recently, who's been viewing your profile and a preview of what people are sharing. The next page shows only a few status updates, and gives them more of a magazine-like look on the iPad.

Learning Opportunities

Staying Connected When Going Mobile

LinkedIn has carved out a powerful niche in social media, and as more people bring their iPads to work with them, the LinkedIn app could get people to use it for longer than it takes to just update a status and connect with a couple more people. That kind of stickiness is key, and a stylish iPad layout is great start for the now publicly-traded company. Furthermore, as the LinkedIn network grows, the demand for using the app in the workplace will simply be reinforced.

Even though the iPad version was a long time coming, this is good timing for LinkedIn because all things Apple have never been hotter. Since the new iPad release, LinkedIn is the largest social network to launch an iPad app, and that means lots of media coverage in an already noisy space. Tell us in the comments what you like best about LinkedIn and what you think the LinkedIn on the iPad means for the enterprise.