Mavenlink Launches HTML5 Mobile Application, Puts Your Projects On the Move
You know what they say ‘If you aren’t mobile, you aren’t working’. Well, to be fair, no one is saying that just yet, but soon, as more platforms and applications become available and easier to use on mobile devices, everyone will be saying it. Today, Mavenlink launched a new mobile application, making it even easier for users to access their workforce collaboration platform on any device.

Project Management + Social Collaboration + Mobile = Full Control 

Built using cross-platform mobile HTML5, Mavenlink users can collaborate, manage tasks, view files, and track time and expenses, all from their iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other smartphones without needing to install apps or software. Simply log into your Mavenlink account from your mobile browser, accept the mobile interface and add to your home screen. From there you’ll have complete access to your Mavenlink projects.

Merging project management and social collaboration together is one thing, but if neither can be facilitated from anywhere, any time, one’s ability to be as effective is hindered greatly. With the new, mobile application, project managers everywhere can dramatically enhance their ability to conduct business in a secure, collaborative online workplace.


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

However, just because a mobile application exists, doesn’t mean it helps you work better. Mavenlink knows this, which is why it focused on the user experience first, implementing an HTML5 approach.

mavenlink mobile1.png
mavenlink mobile2.png

Mavenlink mobile as seen from an iPhone 4. 

Utilizing mobile HTML5, Mavenlink provides a complete business delivery platform that enables companies to manage work online from their smartphones. Additional features include:

  • Task management: Allows users to create, assign, view and manage tasks, deliverables and milestones via any mobile device
  • Collaboration: Enables users to collaborate with teammates on projects using a post and comment messaging feed while on the go
  • Time tracking: Allows users to track all billable hours easily as tasks and deliverables are completed in the field
  • Expense tracking: Allows users to enter expenses right when they’re incurred, saving them the hassle of remembering receipts
  • View Files: Enables users to view any uploaded files directly from their mobile device and comment back with changes.

Essentially it’s like having all the functionality of Mavenlink’s web-based platform in your pocket. The mobile application provides seamless integration, while streamlining your most important business processes, so that where ever you go, what ever you do, you’ll be able to effectively manage it.