Migrating Jive to Yammer Dell Can Do That

Dell just announced the release of Migration Manager for Enterprise Social (MMES), which it describes as the market’s first enterprise social migration solution. It's designed to help organizations move content from Jive to Yammer.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Jive, Randy Rempel, senior product manager at Dell told us. "No one I have ever spoken to has said anything negative about Jive," he added.

But Microsoft is trying to get all its client enterprises moved into Yammer and Dell saw a business opportunity.

Moving On

Migration Manager is a logical step in social network development, Rempel said. Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) are core products in achieving business goals. However, while they are well established, they are still at an early stage of development.

"It’s typical of an enterprise environment. They start to grow and mature and start to become an integral part of the company. They [C-Suite members] want to see value in it, to justify it and I think this is starting to happen now," Rempel said.

But right now, many enterprises have several different ESNs that don’t necessarily communicate with each other. Enterprises are also beginning to assess how this is impacting users, and looking at ways of consolidating what they have to become more effective.

In one case, Rempel noted, an enterprises had seven networks, all independent of each other: customer service used one, marketing used another, sales used a third and so on.  

"Look back 20 years ago. How many email systems were present in a company? There might have been Lotus Notes and then there was Exchange, and then there were all the little ones and you would try to integrate them with each other and you would say this is crazy. Can’t we just go with one? That’s the point they are at now with ESNs,” he said.

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Dell decided to build Migration Manager in response to the way Microsoft was building and pushing Yammer for the enterprise. On the basis of the massive investment Microsoft has put into Yammer, it is clear that the company plans to integrate it across its portfolio, particularly within Office 365 and SharePoint.

Migration Manager

Rempel said cuts the cost and difficulties of supporting multiple social networks. It also enables organizations to maximize their investment in Office 365 and Yammer, he added.

It takes content in Jive and brings it across as text. For example, it converts Jive discussions to PDFs and brings them into Yammer. The solution gives organizations the ability to pick and choose what content they want to migrate and mitigates the associated risk, he said.


Enterprise Social Migration Manager dashboard

Features include:

  • Discovery dashboard: Gives an overview of the Jive environment including all the content, metadata and discussions 
  • Data fidelity: Maintain discussions and document fidelity in the migration process
  • Security: Preserves data security by mapping Jive accounts to Yammer users’ accounts 

Rempel said this tool could also have utility for bringing social content into SharePoint or Office 365, adding:

There’s clearly more sources and targets. There’s also the possibility of migration to [Microsoft] OneDrive. We should be able to move content there, but also to the local file systems for archiving."

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