Mindjet Connect SP Provides Better Collaboration with SharePoint

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There has been some recent debate over SharePoint’s utility and ease of use. It’s either an addictive narcotic, or like cod-liver oil, effective at preventing rickets but not enjoyable to deploy or manage. Regardless of what side you take, debating its merits (or not) will only get you so far, and it doesn’t necessarily improve anything. However, MindJet is rising above the madness. It has announced Mindjet Connect SP, which aims to add visual collaboration features and more intuitive document discovery capabilities to enterprise installations of Microsoft SharePoint.

A Better SharePoint Connection

In a world where (according to a recent Forrester Research survey) 37% of IT buyers rated SharePoint’s level of adoption as “less than expected,”companies are facing pressure to replace SharePoint with other technologies. It’s not cheap to do so, but it’s not ideal to suffer in silence, either. Mindful of the situation, Mindjet has designed a way to make it easier for workers to share ideas on large enterprise projects.

Mindjet isn’t a stranger to such territory. Previous releases have included the MindManager 2012, a cloud-based collaboration solution and Mindjet Connect for collaboration. Similarly, Mindjet Connect for SharePoint allows workers to find information faster and collaborate inside the SharePoint environment, thanks to a more intuitive visual display.

Learning Opportunities

Enhanced collaboration, task management and visualization are the key features of Mindjet Connect SP. Designed to increase SharePoint adoption and usage rates, Mindjet Connect SP’s visual discovery and team collaboration capabilities display information visually so team members can better understand and align on issues and plans. 

Improving SharePoint Administration

For IT administrators, Mindjet Connect SP may be a way to maximize their SharePoint investment by adding value to the process, while alleviating pain points. And we know there are pain points. If SharePoint is indeed a drug, there are bound to be side effects. With Mindjet Connect SP, those responsible for administering it can soften its impact by providing better access and control. Better control means better collaboration, which can help increase usage and adoption.