Mindjet Predictions Module Could Help You Execute Your Ideas

The first major advancement in the Mindjet brand after its 2013 merger with Spigit is out.

The San Francisco-based enterprise innovation management software provider debuts this week a new module for the Engage innovation platform it acquired with Spigit. 

The module is called "Predictions," and officials at the social business provider say it essentially turns organizational ideas into execution by finding value through science.

Crowdsourcing Beefed Up

The Predictions module bakes crowd science, enterprise social technology, big data analytics and game mechanics into company-wide ideas to put them into action. It's crowdsourcing — but with a science component to find value from the crowd, officials say.

Kevin Cochrane, chief marketing officer for Mindjet, told CMSWire the Predictions model allows company stakeholders to align on company ideas from the time they are conceived through the point of execution — all through the Predictions journey.

"It gets all employees in lockstep alignment," Cochrane said. "And it's pretty easy for users. We'll ask questions like, 'Do you think this idea will generate more than $50 million in revenue? Yes or no?' We help users understand why it's important to vote and why their vote counts."

It helps answer the question, "What's the return-on-investment of this idea?"

Predictions also includes a gamification component, such as crediting active users in leaderboard rankings. And it's a module that eliminates bias in the organization -- no one employee's idea gets more influence than the next, he claimed.

2014-28-October-Predictions Mindjet.jpg

New Features

Predictions comes with: 

  • Algorithms to deliver accurate crowd estimates
  • An algorithmically-computed “Best Overall” score, ranked on a leaderboard by factoring in the business impact, efforts and costs associated with implementing an idea and the degree to which there’s agreement among participants
  • Crowd Analytics with visualizations to categorize ideas on a continuum from low cost, low impact to high cost, high impact

Milind Pansare, vice president of product marketing at Mindjet, said that organizations that typically host a business innovation challenge select one winning idea through voting.

"Yet there was no effective way to measure how much those ideas — especially the ones that were not winners — were worth," he said. "The new module gives businesses the ability to surface multiple ideas from a challenge based on quantitative metrics, bring more innovations to market, and improve the ROI of their innovation program.”

The Predictions module is immediately available to customers as an optional premium addition to SpigitEngage.

Mindjet officials expect to reveal the next big innovation at the company's annual conference in March.

Title image by Hartwig HKD  (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.