More and more enterprise companies are cluing into the importance of mobile app development platforms and ecosystems, and new player AnyPresence just might have the right mix of security and agility for many businesses.

AnyPresence just raised over US$ 5 million in funding for its push into the enterprise, but because its founders are former SAP and Oracle executives, there is already plenty of familiarity with what businesses are likely to need

Enterprise Mobile Looking More like Consumer Mobile

Yes, there are many other options for building both native and HTML5 apps, but AnyPresence is looking to do what many have fallen short on: bring enterprise level functions without a huge price tag or army of developers.

AnyPresence promises robust apps without the coding know how, and adds the flexibility to go deeper if that coding knowledge is available. In other words, build apps using AnyPresence templates, or use in-house know how for more robust features and design.

Security, Support and Extensibility

Because AnyPresence is cloud based, it's good for small or large businesses, and there are private hosting options available for those who want in house solutions. Additionally, this allows AnyPresence apps the ability to work well across multiple devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones. This is obviously a key feature because so many people want to access their data from wherever they happen to be. 


Build apps in the cloud right from any browser

That's why security is so important, and why features like 128-bit SSL client/server communication, regularly scheduled backups and SAS70 Type II certified data hosting providers are baked right into AnyPresence. It's good news for behind the firewall content, but open source APIs are also available for more forward facing needs. 

Any company looking to get into the mobile app game would do well to check out the AnyPresence platform. It's not just a tool kit for developers, but can be used in such a way for those who need it. For the rest of us DIYers, it's good to know there's another choice for building apps without being an engineer or programmer. For the enterprise, this is doubly important because of the sensitive nature of some data, and the resource consciousness inherent in the business. 


AnyPresence lets mobile apps connect to legacy systems, cloud based data or both

Extra Features

Not only can AnyPresence build internal apps for accessing existing IT systems, those same systems can be made accessible in whatever capacity is needed depending on the customer. This kind of flexibilty is key for large businesses who have different needs across different departments. Flexibility is also needed, however, for small companies who may need to change directions quickly or simply launch a new app in a short time span. 

AnyPresence makes it easy to include those who don't have smartphones. Millions of people use feature phones, the kind with no data connection, and for them, there's a handy interactive SMS messaging system that can be added to different app features. AnyPresence has training programs for the uninitiated, and professional services for those who need more design help or expert help with performance optimization. 

Tell us in the comments if you've built any DIY apps and if it was a good enough experience for you to try it again.