MobileSpan has announced the release of MobileSpan for BYOD, a plug-in solution designed for enterprise systems that connect to mobile devices.

Collaboration and the ability to share documents quickly and easily are key parts of any business and with the introduction of BYOD or "Bring Your Own Device", businesses have more tools than ever at their disposal. With BYOD, employees are encouraged to bring their own mobile devices into the workplace and have them synced with the enterprise system, so that they can work on projects from different computing platforms. According to Marissa Peacock, this movement comes from the idea that “enterprises must support businesses no matter where they are."

Over the past year, there have been a few different products released to help with this mobile transition, including MobiControl v10, a device management tool.

The MobileSpan Solution

MobileSpan is another developer that has noticed this trend and how its effecting businesses: IT departments want to remove asset management from the workplace and employees want to choose what kind of devices they use and where they use them,Therefore, support tools are needed if a company chooses the BYOD method.

With MobileSpan for BYOD a product has been created that allows companies to share important corporate documents and other information across a mobile platform without having to worry about device management or a loss of information.

Bring-your-own-device is sometimes seen as a threat to enterprise IT.But if done right, BYOD is an opportunity for IT to move away from owning and managing hundreds or thousands of devices, towards providing a service to workers using any device”, said Nils Bunger, CEO of MobileSpan.“We are extending existing enterprise systems and practices to personal devices while maintaining full lifecycle data protection.”

Company officials can choose what information they want to share, while information that is shared can be viewed in both an online and offline capacity.

As was mentioned, companies don’t have to worry about loosing information, as this data is still protected by authorization codes and other security features. A company official can also choose to delete data from a device, even if it's offline without harming any of the personal data.

Learning Opportunities

MobileSpan and BYOD

With MobileSpan, companies don’t have to put extra time into or worry about developing application management and device management tools that are used on desktop and laptop computers. Users just select the tools they want, such as document repositories and they are transferred into a mobile format.

Other key features include:

  • Users can connect to the system without needing a VPN.
  • Both documents and internal apps can be shared.
  • Documents can shared from files servers and SharePoint.
  • The system is constantly syncing with the file servers, so that it remains up to date.

Therefore by being able to manage, share and connect with employees and colleagues in a mobile atmosphere with products like MobileSpan for BYOD, companies can improve productivity as employees can work on projects and share documents, even when they are away from work.

In addition to this product, MobileSpan has also received US$ 2.3 million in funding, which the company says they will invest in R&D and marketing over the next year. Contributors include True Ventures, Greylock and Alchemist Accelerator.