Mobile Device Management and Bring You Own Device (BYOD) solutions provider SOTI Inc has announced an updated version of its enterprise mobile device management solution, MobiControl.

With the rise of "smart" mobile devices in the workplace, the BYOD movement is becoming more and more common, as companies allow their employees to sync personal devices to the business enterprise platform. In doing so, employees can not only access their work email, but connect with colleagues and share documents -- all from their personal mobile device.  

While it appears the BYOD movement is supported, there needs to be a way to protect these devices from unwanted content and a way to ensure that employee productivity remains high.With this in mind, SOTI created MobiControl, an enterprise mobile management device for companies that follow the BYOD module. With MobiControl, companies are able to manage and track mobile device usage on any platform.

MobiControl V10

SOTI found that, as with other computing devices, mobile tended to run into problems, such as device security and using too much data. With the release of MobiControl V10, the company addressed these problems and improved the overall functionality of their product.

Learning Opportunities

With MobiControl V10, we are excited to offer customers the latest evolution of our MobiControl platform to manage the ever-changing mobile landscape,” said Carl Rodrigues, President and CEO of SOTI. “ SOTI is focused on providing forward-thinking and next generation solutions for mobility, and MobiControl V10 continues our tradition of innovation.”


What Does V10 Offer?

With MobiControl, companies have complete control over device usage in the workplace. For example, they can track the device's location, see what applications it has installed or lock it. Some of the other newly released features include:

  • Web Filtering: With the web filtering feature, companies can manage what content their employees are allowed to see on their devices, encouraging responsible workplace use of the device.
  • Real Time Antivirus/Malware Protection: With downloading and email comes the risk of malware and viruses, but with MobiControl V10, users can protect their device against these threats.
  • Help Desk Suite: As with any computer device, smartphones can run into troubleshooting problems. Through the remote control and help desk features, users are immediately connected to a representative who can assist them.
  • Telecom Expense Management: Unlike other mobile devices, smartphones can not only have a minute limitation, but limited data. With the Telecom Expense Management feature, companies can monitor both data and voice usage.
  • Secure Content Library:Companies can keep important documents, such as videos, presentations and spreadsheets in a content management system so that important files are available when they’re needed.
  • Software Integration: The platform is compatible with a variety of software programs, such as the Microsoft Active Directory and SharePoint.

MobiControl is available for both Android and iOS devices.