Moxie Collaboration Spaces Adds Live Document Editor, iOS App

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Moxie Collaboration Spaces Adds Live Document Editor, iOS App

Moxie Software has upgraded Collaboration Spaces, its social business system, with document editing features and the release of a mobile app for iOS devices.

Update Office Docs in the Activity Stream

Having the ability to edit documents within a social business tool is a key piece of functionality because so many collaboration projects start and end with documents. For Moxie, allowing editing of Microsoft Office documents in its Collaboration Spaces tool should provide a big lift to the fledgling app, and should help it appeal to a much wider swath of enterprise customers.

Documents can be opened within the activity stream, edited inside the app and then saved back to the original document with the Live Edit feature, and it works with any document type supported on the machine being used. Live Edit is an application inside Collaboration Spaces, and once installed, it not only offers editing of documents, but also in line previews for certain document types.

Additionally, dragging and dropping files from a computer into Collaboration Spaces folders has now been enabled, and there’s also now Feature Tours available for app tutorials.

The Importance of Mobility

Collaboration Spaces fits into a nice little niche for Moxie Software. There’s a free version that offers more functionality than Yammer, and it can compete with the likes of Jive Software on account of that free version isn’t for just 30 days.

Learning Opportunities

But Moxie has a broader vision for Collaboration Spaces. For paid customers, the social business tool can link up with the Knowledge Spaces repository for a more comprehensive system. Moxie calls this its Social Knowledgebase. Ask a question in Collaboration Spaces, and it can be answered from the right expert and a wiki style article created to share back to Knowledge Spaces.

The other essential portion of this kind of implementation is mobility, and that has now been addressed with the release of an iOS app for Collaboration Spaces. It includes features like site wide search, previewing Office documents and adding images and videos to the news feed.

It’s a good start, but it should find a way to allow for document editing inside this app. That’s admittedly a tall order for iOS devices, and Moxie no doubt knows this, but that’s the direction it should be leaning toward. As for Collaboration Spaces and the Social Knowledgebase, Moxie has a good thing going so far, considering Collaboration Spaces has only been out for a few months.

As it adds perhaps more mobile app versions and more features, it will be good to see how it stacks up to the as yet fully integrated Yammer/SharePoint lineup from Microsoft.