OpenText Upgrades Social Analytics, Offers Real-Time Content Analysis
OpenText continues its push into the social business space with the release of its Web and Social Analytics application v2.0 that aims to give considerably more information on an enterprise’s clients than has been available to those enterprises to date.

Anyone that has been following OpenText will know that this is by no means the first time that OpenText has added to its social business capabilities, but this time the company says that, with the help of advanced analytics, it will provide information on enterprise clients in real time and enable enterprises to react to that information straight away.

It has always been the case that the sooner a company acts on the insight it has received from whatever analytics application it uses, the better. With many applications, however, it can take hours or even days depending on how complicated the problem is, before any of those insights become available.

OpenText deep analytics in Web and Social Analytics v2.0

OpenText deep analytics in Web and Social Analytics v2.0

Obviously, in some cases, where the enterprise is particularly sensitive to customer sentiment, a few hours can be too late and the insights may not be particularly relevant.

At least that’s the scenario that OpenText appears to be addressing with the release of v2.0. With it, users are provided with an uninterrupted view of web activity as well as activity on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and can identify the point at which visitors to the enterprise website become identifiable customers with particular browsing and even purchasing patterns.

OpenText Web and Social Analytics

OpenText Web and Social Analytics is flexible, cost-effective and helps ensure that proprietary usage data and competitive analysis remains in-house and safely within corporate control.

For any online marketing or internal communication effort, the ability to measure, monitor, react and respond to user activity in real time is vital to delivering a consistently positive experience.

Our customers have been telling us they need better tools to understand the quality of engagement across their proprietary and community websites, as well as popular social networks. We designed OpenText Web and Social Analytics to provide deeper insights, more control and greater security than what’s possible with consumer-grade analytics tools. We’re confident this will give our customers a distinct competitive advantage and provide greater return from online investments, “said James Latham, OpenText Chief Marketing Officer.

The result is the development of a tool that is not confined to the usual restrictions of a handful of data elements. OpenText says it has built v2.0 with access in real time, reports that are flexible, with raw data accessible.

It also offers insights into things such as the most popular content on the site, as well as the number of users and an assessment of the tone of blog comments as well as identifying the most important person in a given community.

The information is presented in reports with multiple panels that provide easy-to-read summaries of the information, as well as advanced sentiment analysis that makes it easy to understand and respond to the tone of the sentiment in contributions.

OpenText Live Insights

The ability to drill into content and activity at a number of different levels, however, is only half the story. V2.0 also comes with the Live Insights analytics console that offers analytics information as overlays in the live site. Features of this include:

  • Page Heat Map: Indentifies the links in a page that are most important and the most site users
  • Page and Element Level Indicators: Page information on how the page is being used, the number of times it’s been viewed and how long the average use spends on the page, and where they come from
  • Site Level Indicators: Information on global usage, including the number of visitors new and returning
  • Social Indicators: Identifies the social activity on a website including the number of online users, the average rating and tone of their contributions to the website

As it was built with customers and consumers in mind, it is not really surprising that it comes with closer integration with OpenText customer experience management, online marketing and other social business solutions.