Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, SAP introduced a mobile content management solution called SAP Mobile Documents that offers a single entry point to user content from any mobile device.

The new application started life as an internal means for SAP employees to gain secure access to corporate content -- when it was quickly adopted by 11,000 global users SAP decided to bring it to market. SAP says the solution offers secure BYOD access to corporate documents with superior security to consumer-grade mobile content management applications and provides enterprise-grade authentication, encryption, compliance and sharing.

SAP Mobile Documents includes an SDK that allows users to embed secure file distribution into SAP and non-SAP applications, individual file sync, publishing of documents to specific user groups, compliance with the open Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard and secure use cases for personalized file access.

Although SAP Mobile Documents operates as a standalone solution, a planned integration with the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution offers a complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform for securing mobile devices, apps and content.

SAP Means Mobile Business

SAP has been increasingly recognizing the importance of mobile technology in recent months. Last November, SAP released changes to the SAP Mobile Platform, security features for SAP Afaria and a new product: SAP 360 Customer Solution. The six new apps were based around enterprise functions and aimed to help companies with their training, recruiting and sales departments. By starting off 2013 with new secure BYOD technology, SAP is setting the table for a year of continued mobile activity.

SAP Joins Together with BYOD

By releasing Mobile Documents, SAP is joining together with a continually growing trend of BYOD. As reported by Computerworld, BYOD is getting a lot of attention at Mobile World Congress. “Helping IT shops deal with the security and management of consumer smartphones and tablets in the workplace will be a big theme at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week,” states a preview article on the event. In addition to SAP, vendors including Samsung and Red Bend Software (collaborating on a new dual persona version of the Galaxy smartphone), Blackberry and Good Technology are also all releasing or introducing new BYOD-friendly applications at Mobile World Congress. SAP hears the BYOD music calling, and is choosing to play along with a very popular tune that will not become outdated anytime soon.

Both SAP Mobile Documents and SAP Afaria are planned to be available on premise and in the cloud. SAP intends to ship Mobile Documents in March 15, 2013 but has not publicly released a price.