Enterprise software and software-related services company, SAP, has released changes to the SAP Mobile Platform, security features for SAP Afaria and a new product: SAP 360 Customer Solution.

Over the last year, SAP has introduced new employee collaboration and social enterprise tools, such as the social collaboration strategy "Project Robus" and Jam, a product that aims to improve how enterprise social software works. 

Apps and Windows 8

This week at the SAPPHIRE NOW + SAP TechEd event, SAP unveiled new products and mobile updates. One of the updated features includes advanced security and authentication features for the SAP Mobile Platform. With these updates, the product will not only be more secure, but have user/device/app provisioning, and push notification.

The company has also announced six new mobile apps for Windows 8 users. These apps are are based around enterprise functions and aim to help companies with their training, recruiting and sales departments. The apps are expected to be released as both full and trial versions available from the  Windows Store and SAP Store. They include:

  • SAP WorkDeck: This apps gives employees the chance to be more interactive with their managers as they will be able to initiate requests, oversee events and monitor event progress. For managers, they have the tools to look over and process workflows when they are away from the office.
  • SAP Manager Insight: SAP Manager Insight is an employee profile app that gives managers and HR departments access to relevant data such as employee profiles, diversity in departments and employee talent by location.
  • SAP Learning Assistant: Learning Assistant is a training app that gives workers access to online classes.
  • SAP Interview Assistant: With Interview Assistant, managers will be able to easily manage and prepare for interviews, while having access to relevant candidate information.
  • SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet:  This is a ‘customer profile’ app geared toward account executives, as it provides financial data, invoices and important sales orders.
  • SAP GRC Policy Survey: Policy Survey gives employees to access to changes in company policies and respond with any questions they may have.

A More Secure SAP Afaria

The Mobile Platform isn't the only product from SAP that is becoming more secure. It has been announced that SAP Afaria, an enterprise security product, is now available for Windows 8 and is able to support intel-based tablets with the new operating system.