Singapore Firm Challenges Hootsuite Buffer

Singapore Firm Challenges Hootsuite, Buffer

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Consumers and executives alike are managing multiple social media accounts — a juggling act because what's appropriate for one social network may not be for another.

Celebrities generally have a third party manage their social media profiles, which is often how embarrassing gaffes happen. In the business space, more than one person usually manages the social media profile and similar mistakes have been made. How does someone solve the problem that is the social media equivalent of “too many cooks”?

Outbox Pro from Unified Inbox, a Singapore-based firm, is an app that helps those who create content get their content out there with the input of anyone — employees, contractors, partners, vendors and even customers can help create and publish social content with centralized approval, tracking, and management.

Although this may seem like a continuation of the “too many cooks” problem, it gives all interested parties a voice in creating compelling content that you can share with your social media networks, which will ultimately lead to more conversions and sales of your products and services.

Sizing Up The Competition

Outbox Pro has a different focus than its two key competitors in the social media management app market. Buffer, for example, focuses on scheduling social media posts and doesn't require approval —which could, of course, lead to social media gaffes that companies and individuals are trying their hardest to avoid (unless they want to become the focus of the next viral Internet meme).

Hootsuite, the most well-known social media management app, focuses on analytics — those who are not trained in number-crunching could find it overwhelming, and to use it to its fullest extent, one must be trained to use the app. Approvals are available, but only for enterprise users, so it makes it somewhat impractical for those who don't need an enterprise version of the app (small businesses and entrepreneurs, for example).

Outbox Pro is focused on content creation — making it easy to use for anyone, even those who have no experience in social media profile management, the company claims. It has approval function across all of its offerings (both starter and enterprise), so those with more experience in social media management can correct the mistakes of someone who doesn't have as much experience in the field. Its focus on content creation also allows for a more diverse landscape of content because of the multiple sources of inputs.

Learning Opportunities

The company claims it designed Outbox Pro to "give each and every member of an organization" the ability to contribute to the organization’s social media. Toby Ruckert, CEO at Unified Inbox, thinks Outbox Pro’s "simple approval process makes this vision a reality." As for Buffer and Hootsuite, he claims, "Buffer fails on process and Hootsuite fails on simplicity."

Like A Pro

Outbox Pro allows users to pull content from the web to post immediately, at a later date or upon approval. If approval is required, a manager can approve, deny or modify the post (thus saving inexperienced social media users from making mistakes), and authors can modify declined posts by sending it back for re-approval in the app's Mailroom. If you need to get that post out there in a hurry, you can also ping a manager to review your posts.

Outbox Pro has plans to give its users the analytics offerings of Hootsuite so that they can see what's working and what needs to be worked on. Due to the rapid increase of mobile device usage, a mobile app is also in the works.

Outbox Pro is available as a Google Chrome extension for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and plans to add more platforms and browsers throughout the year. 

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