If you didn't think there was money in social enterprise, then think again as Jive heads toward a public listing that could value it at over a half-billion dollars.

Heading to the Stocks

Jive may be yet to turn a profit, but its revenues are looking healthy, hitting almost US$ 55 million for the nine months to September, already up on 2010's $46 million full-year figure -- showing impressive and sustained growth. And with the fresh impetus and funds of a public listing, plus the increased awareness that the IPO will generate, it could soon be headed for the black.

The company is doing well in the major analyst houses' swanky charts, and has been steadily adding features, like HD video, to its collaboration, communication and monitoring offerings. When it appears on the NASDAQ with a share offering in the $8 to $10 range, that bedrock of reliability should make Jive one of the less contentious IPOs doing the rounds, and of great interest to those following the social enterprise scene.

Social Enterprise Winners

At its own JiveWorld Event held back in October, the company demonstrated that it has its finger on the pulse, with the adoption of game mechanics techniques and other trends to keep enterprise employees in touch and in tune with their organization.

That came along with more essential features like Jive for Outlook and other additions, which will tick the boxes for eager IT buyers keen to show their company is responding and responsive to its worker's ideas and efforts. Expect a positive reaction from investors when the bell rings on Jive's first days trading.