SocialFlow Offers Scientific Approach to Boost Social Engagement

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Armed with its Optimization Technology, powered by applied mathematics and language analytics, along with the belief that language, not demographics or "influencer status," is the best predictor of social outcomes, SocialFlow announced it's moving from beta clients to to public availability of its Optimized Publisher.

Ranks Content, Shows Best Time to Use it

"It’s all about understanding audiences and language -- and the way they intersect and can have powerful predictive value for those who want to make major impact on Twitter and Facebook," the company wrote on its blog site.  

In the Optimized Publisher technology, social content is ranked based on audience, topics, attention and engagement, then assigning a "precise value." One tool, "Attention Score" measures audience receptivity at any given time to a specific message, ranking it from 0 to 100 on the scale. That score is plotted on a real-time social graph, showing the best time to use the content.  Put another way it, "...uses the data to accurately determine when an addressable audience is available, and what topics they would most like to engage," the group said. 

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Real-time Insights Using Intelligent Tools

The Optimized Publisher technology uses predictive analytics from research based on the study of the spread of information on social networks. Millions of social media messages were analyzed from social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Bitly and other data streams, with insights that indicate "...language, not demographics is the best predictor of affinity and action." 

Learning Opportunities

The AttentionScore technology was developed by founders Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone as an outgrowth of their social media influencer research. These scientific algorithms became the foundation for SocialFlow.  

The group also announced a strategic partnership with Engage 121, an enterprise technology provider that will help extend the reach of this new technology into a broader application base of users. SocialFlow also announced a WordPress plugin and module for Drupal that integrates posting to Twitter and Facebook, making it, "...a seamless part of the workflow," the company said. 

The company offers monthly or annual subscriptions, and has an Enterprise package offering a suite of account management and support packages.

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