Enterprise social software provider Socialtext said today it will soon be launching new features and enhancements for Socialtext 5.0, including native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry and Twitter integration.  The company said these will extend the Socialtext 5.0 platform creating "...easy access to key features of Socialtext’s enterprise social software platform including signals and people, as well as powerful search functionality," and users won't have to wait long to see them.  

Socialtext said it will be providing demos of these upcoming features and enhancements, including the mobile applications, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. this week at Socialtext Booth #404.

"Socialized business processes not only enhance business performance, they impact the bottom line. By enabling employees to quickly and easily find information and the colleagues most pertinent to their jobs, we are creating a valuable social layer that creates efficiencies and more alignment among business units," said Mark Sylvester, CEO, introNetworks.

New Features

New features for Socialtext 5.0 include:

  • Native Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry -- help people in the context of how they find information and give users the ability to search on people, signals and keywords, rather than going to a mobile site that displays information in a format that is not user-friendly
  • Twitter Integration -- ability to monitor keywords, brands, competitors and industry indicators; will populate signals and enable fast response and updates
  • Netdocuments Integration and Other Popular Document Management Systems -- user-friendly connector for document repositories that plugs into any document repository; key benefit is having one repository and one system to upload documents to their repository without having to leave the platform

Formally known as SocialRadar, Socialtext 360 enables discovery of information in all directions, facilitating conversations and sourcing project teams while providing users with "...an enhanced experience that helps them to find the most relevant people to connect and collaborate with," the group said.

The company sees mobile opening up even more progress towards an open and efficient flow of work, according to Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee.  He said, “We’ve laid out a path with a proven adoption methodology and are continuing to extend the platform with innovative, enterprise-class features, including groups and workspaces integration coming in Q1 2012.”

Back in September, the company launched v.5.0, the latest iteration of the enterprise social software platform, that included improved interface design, a content editor, theme selector and page creator/tracker technology.  

"We have been a Socialtext customer since 2008 and have seen great success using the Socialtext platform, from effective alignment with our business objectives, to enthusiastic adoption within the user base and invaluable progress in finding and sharing information -- all while connecting with the right people to get work done," said Pam Swanwick, Knowledge Manager, McKesson Corp. She said this release "...will make it even easier for our employees to collaborate."

Most of these new features and enhancements to Socialtext 5.0 will be available in Q4 2011.