Storify Revamps; Socializes Reading, Publishing & Sharing News
Storify -- a popular social storytelling tool among journalists -- launched a new editor interface this week, adding easy-to-use tools for fast content curation.

Essentially, the new and improved Storify puts a higher priority on writing text by switching the search and editor sides of the interface. The addition of illustrations has also been given a boost-- photo searches are displayed in gallery format (pictured below), and pictures appear larger when inserted into stories.

The ever-popular drag-and-drop functionality has been added as well, making it easier to build stories and reorganize them.


The Social News

Storify's new and improved approach aims to make publishing news akin to writing a blog post: accessorizing with social media rather than making it the star of the stream.

Further, a new Storify bookmarklet lets you Storify anything you find on the web, including Facebook:

This is a bit different than the social network's approach. While Facebook feeds in news from external sites, Storify encourages users to manually bring articles into the network. In other words, by making them work for it, Storify hopes people will feel more in control of their content-- which as we all well know, is generally the exact opposite of how Facebook users feel. 

As for the future, Storify co-founder, Xavier Damma, says, "In the coming months, we are revising our entire reading experience, to make Storify a great place to read the news in a social way."