SharePoint 2013: Topic Du Jour
We might be at least a year away from seeing the first real implementations of SharePoint 2013, but that doesn't mean people aren't interested in how it has improved (or not).

Whether we are pleasantly surprised at SharePoint 2013, wondering about SharePoint customization, or thinking about the headache that a SharePoint 2013 upgrade will create, there's no shortage of opinions to go around.

Deep Dive into Web Experience
Web Experience (WEM) was also a prime subject this week: Acquia acquired Mollem for social content moderation, Bridgeline Digital released WEM for franchises, and Sitecore invested in Komfo, adding social media marketing tools to its platform.

Reminder: SharePoint Tweet Jam
August 22nd at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT is the date for our SharePoint Tweet Jam. The panel keeps getting bigger and the questions will incite a great discussion. Get the details here.

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