Web engagement/interactive technology vendor Bridgeline Digital is releasing a new website management suite aimed specifically at large franchise networks and multiple dealer organizations. Called iAPPS ds (distributed subscription), the suite is intended to provide franchisees and dealers with a centralized digital marketing structure.

Managing the Two-Way Franchise Street

Built on the existing Bridgeline iAPPS product suite, iAPPS ds is is a cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS solution that Bridgeline says allows franchisees and dealers to personalize their own local websites and content, execute local marketing plans, measure results with analytics and drive online e-commerce initiatives. In addition, corporate management can use the suite to maintain standards and deliver targeted content.

The iAPPS core website management tools and interface allow users to edit and publish content that includes forms, images, embedded video, integrated Google Maps, social media plug-ins and email marketing campaigns. Built-in SEO management includes automatic 301 redirects and XML sitemap creation, as well as metadata management. iAPPS ds works with responsive design template management and also offers multiple customized self-service template configurations and styles.

What’s New at Bridgeline

iAPPS ds is not the only new thing happening this year at Bridgeline. In January, Bridgeline brought former Ektron VP Sales, David Maffei, on board as Senior Vice President of Business Development to gear up for some major selling of its web experience management platform.

And in June, Bridgeline entered a major partnership with UPS that saw the integration of UPS logistics and fulfillment services, resulting in the full e-commerce package. iAPPS is one of only a few .NET-based web content management platforms on the market today. It's actually a suite of modules built on top of the iAPPS core framework, which includes web content management and commerce as its primary solutions and web analytics and e-marketing as modules. The latest edition, version 4.8, includes improvements to the in-context site editor, global workflows and dynamic linking of e-commerce product data to both the website and email content.

Franchise Intranet – Case Study Example

They are not a Bridgeline client, but a case study of restaurant franchise Au Naturale developing an intranet to create a corporate online presence while also providing employees with access to company information online demonstrates the potential value of an online franchise network. Web services provider LunaWeb built an online platform that includes customer-facing e-commerce and promotional features as well as franchisee-facing features including online access to important company information and training materials. In addition, LunaWebs created an employee login section and discreetly placed the link on the website, so that the site acts as the intranet but it does not interfere with customer browsing. Securing the employee section means that the information is only accessible to those who have permission, preventing accidental customer access to the intranet.

iAPPS ds licensing includes technical phone support for franchisees and local dealers and can range from US$ 55 to US$ 75 per month per dealer or franchise. Franchisees or dealers that require robust e-commerce capabilities can pay an additional US$ 25 to US$ 50 per month in SaaS licensing fees.