Tibco's social network tibbr has released an updated version of its mobile apps, and the new look should make the tablet version especially a bit more welcoming. The update also includes a rebuilt discovery engine, Sriram Chakravarthy, Tibco VP of engineering said in an interview.

Taking on Chatter, Yammer + Jive

Tibbr has just passed the 1.5 million paying customer mark, a notable increase in just two years. Given that Tibco is pretty deeply embedded in many enterprise systems, this actually makes lots of sense. Where Chatter, Yammer and Jive are newer to the enterprise, Tibco has been there for years. It is obviously taking advantage of its existing customer relationships with the growing popularity of tibbr.

Additionally, those existing deep enterprise relationships are naturally a part of what tibbr is all about. It's been built so that it integrates with all of Tibco's other systems already in place around the enterprise.

"We understand how to handle complexity, we give our customers a choice of deployment and we make sure information isn't siloed in other systems," Chakravarthy said.

Of course tibbr allows users to follow colleagues, track documents and keep up to date with partners and customers, but Chakravarthy said his company's customers want more than watercolor conversations. It's not just about consuming data, he said, but taking action. That's especially true on mobile devices, and that is where tibbr is really trying to separate itself from Chatter, Yammer and Jive, Chakravarthy said.


Discovery in tibbr mobile has been reengineered to help find the most relevant data using a person's interest graph.

BlackBerry, iOS + Android All Welcomed by tibbr

tibbr has an expanded roster of devices it is now compatible with, and it includes new BlackBerry devices like the Z10 and Q10 smartphones as well as the latest Android superphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Simply porting over the desktop version of tibbr to mobile wasn't quite enough, Chakravarthy said, and so taking actions on mobile devices has been rethought. Finding relevant information is what makes activity streams so helpful, and tibbr has tweaked its mobile apps to simplify this. More data is factored in from a person's social connections, for example, and that allows the relevant info to flow more freely to the surface.

tibbr mobile apps are also now a bit nimbler when it comes to interacting with those legacy apps like a CRM or ERP system. These kinds of third party back end applications are notoriously difficult to integrate with mobile, and that is why Tibco has made it a point of emphasis to focus on that often painful work.

Below is a short video about the newest tibbr 4 features, so check it out and leave us a comment on what you think is the most important feature for an activity stream to have.