Twitter Acquisition Peeves Summify Users

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Twitter is acquiring social news aggregation service Summify.Summify is thrilled at the news. Unfortunately, Summify users are not. 

Summify Move in 140 Characters

Twitter bought them and they're moving to the Valley. Summify is turning off lots of features during the move. So long. #rollingincash

The Details

Anyone who uses social media will probably tell you that the activity stream is cluttered with announcements of breakfast menus, rants and holiday preparations, but occasionally, they find a few nuggets of great information.

Summify, formerly known as ReadFu, was founded in 2009 to solve this issue. Summify makes it a little easier for users to continue their overconsumption of social media and online news. The service monitors users’ social media accounts, selects the items that are shared and clicked most often and generates a daily summary of important news. The company really gained momentum in March 2011 when Summify launched its e-mail summary feature.

Now that the company has been acquired by Twitter, it is:

Learning Opportunities

  • Stopping new user registrations
  • Removing the ability to create public summaries
  • Removing profile and influence pages
  • Disabling auto-publish

Summaries will continue for a few more weeks, and then the service will be shut down. Although the company is promising a more streamlined service after the transition to Twitter, the majority of Summify users are not happy about the moving preparations. Twitter took similar actions when it took RedPhone offline after it acquired mobile security company Whisper Systems in late November. It is unclear if Summify will continue with anything similar to its current form.


I believe Twitter will incorporate the service into its core and make it easier for users to extract value from Twitter. Currently, the more users you follow, the more irrelevant tweets that show up in your stream. If Summify is integrated, following more users could yield a better daily summary. It could be like your own personal Twitter concierge that collects the best of Twitter for you each day. This is pure conjecture since neither Twitter or Summify will comment on the integration plan.

Summify’s staff will move from their Vancouver office to Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. We don’t know where Summify’s users are moving, but that will become clear very soon.