Twitter Discussions of Any Character Length with Tribalfish
If you were gutted when Twitter axed, you'll be glad to know that Tribalfish has announced a new browser extension for long-form tweets. 

140 Plus

Once the browser plugin is installed, a Tribalfish button will appear next to tweets. When you click the button and enter your content, a discussion opens up below the tweet. Because the conversation appears on the tweet's designated page rather than the tweet stream, anyone can participate so long as it's public. 

Here's a look:


TRIBALFISH_2 copy.jpg


You can also tweet out a link and direct people to your discussion.

Most of our social networks task us with limiting expressions to a short and sweet format. Facebook’s statuses, though not as length-policed as Twitter, are meant to be a quick read on a news feed. Business social networks such as Yammer also keep the conversation minimalist. While you can reply to these messages, even on Twitter, you’re hard pressed to pontificate.

The benefits of long-form discussions on Twitter are fairly obvious. While limiting our expressions can keep chit chat to the point, short messages can often spawn important discussions. Rather than going through the trouble of DM'ing someone for their e-mail address, Tribalfish allows you to have conversations in context. And because anyone can join in, they have much more staying power.

"When tweeting, there is a point when you want to move beyond the standard Twitter system and engage in a deeper discussion--usually taking one or more people to an email thread, forum or even a phone call," said Lyle Ball, CEO, Tribalfish. "To solve this problem, we created a lounge where, in a single click, Twitter users can expand Tweets into discussions with people on and off of Twitter. Tribalfish is more than just longer Tweets."

Other perks include: 

  • Set up public and private groups to either promote, control or hide the content of discussions initiated on Twitter.
  • Post responses to their Facebook wall.
  • Track the responses, interests and group behaviors of people with similar interests.

An Ocean of Possibilities 

Word on e-street is that this release is just the first in line of integrations. Next up, expect to see the company make a play in the news market by teaming up with publications.

Those with Chrome, Firefox or the Safari browser can enjoy the app for free. See it in action in the video below and let us know what you think.