Who Has the Best BYOD Management Services

Find a company that does not have a bring your own device (BYOD) management strategy, and you'd need to welcome them to enterprise life in the 2010s.

We all do work on our personal smartphones. 

The challenge for organizations is managing all these devices, systems, networks, operating systems, public and private cloud apps and other converging factors.

Forrester Research stresses the need for BYOD management services. It released today a Wave for Global BYOD Management Services, an analysis of 13 top BYOD integrators and specialists.

Who Leads?

Forrester assessed what it calls "major" BYOD service providers: Amtel, AT&T, Calero, Cass, DMI, HP, IBM, MDSL, Orange, Tangoe, Verizon, Vodafone and Vox Mobile. It invited 23 service providers to provide feedback on a vendor questionnaire, and these 13 complied. 

Coming out as leaders were DMI, Vodafone, Vox Mobile, AT&T, HP, Verizon, Tangoe and Orange. Each has a "focus offering, integration capabilities and professional services."

Forrester tabbed Amtel, IBM, Cass, MDSL, and Calero as "strong performers," those who are competitive in their solutions but whose focus is not as "clearly aligned" with global BYOD services as the leaders.

What Leaders Have

Let's break down some of the components that Forrester sees in its eight leaders:


  • Experience in mobility management services focused on cost savings, mobile security, risk management and international support
  • Strong integration, innovation and professional services
  • Investments in mobile computing research


  • Device management, profile management and mobile threat management solutions
  • "Work on Any Device" includes suite of products and services enables multi-device and mobile-operation system agnostic management of devices and telecom expenses
  • Strong for multinational organizations with employees in countries where it has a mobile network

Vox Mobile

  • Consistent provider of high-quality services and continuous innovation
  • Supports complete lifecycle of BYOD and corporate-liable programs with consulting services, automation services, 24x7 help desk and system administration
  • Integrates mobile device management, telecom expense management, help desk ticketing, and other systems to provide customers with a single view and advanced reporting


  • Consistent support through AT&T Toggle and Multi Device Management (MDM) partnerships
  • Created an Advanced Mobility Solutions (AMS) organization in 2010 to address the growing need for holistic enterprise mobility solutions like AT&T Toggle to separate work and personal areas on BYOD devices and MDM
  • Offers professional services, integration, help desk support and life-cycle management


  • Includes mobility management services for mobile device app and file management and secure access to apps and content
  • Includes features like user authentication, secure file sharing and syncing and app access, secure access to email
  • Detailed road maps and development plans


  • Holistic Mobile Workforce Platform includes device management, secure workspace and connectivity management in Verizon Cloud
  • Service team provides migration support to end users
  • Consulting services supports considerations of BYOD alongside existing corporate assets


  • Advisory, activation on approved devices, management, expense monitoring and support among BYOD offerings
  • Offers global support, VIP support and remote access software to for access to end users' smartphones or tablets
  • Focus on life-cycle management and optimization


  • Integrated its global mobility and machine-to-machine to aid its "smart mobility" vision
  • Support for mixed or hybrid corporate-liable and BYOD fleets
  • Solution engagement process includes solution design and service integration

Not Stopping Soon

The BYOD management services market is growing, because sourcing and vendor management professionals see BYOD as a way to address their top challenges, Forrester officials said.

"But they need help," Forrester wrote in in its Wave, "to implement good BYOD programs."

Title image by ChameleonsEye (Shutterstock).