Yammer and Badgeville have announced an integration thatwill allow organizations to leverage gamification to drive desirable employeebehavior and showcase performance in Yammer’s real-time activity stream.

Rewarding Employees With Games

Gamification may be a relatively new enterprise trend, but it appeals to something very old: Human nature. We love to be challenged, work toward a goal and be recognized for our efforts. Gamification continues to grow in popularity as an increasing number of organizations turn to the concept as a way to increase engagement and encourage specific behaviors. According to eMarketer, gamification will grow to a US$ 1.6 billion market by 2015 -- an impressive increase from the US$ 100 million gamification generated in 2011. 

Badgeville, founded in 2010, is one of a handful of companies that focuses exclusively on gamification. Last month, Badgeville announced a gamification framework designed to make creating gamified applications easier. Now the company has released integration between its Behavior Platform and Yammer's enterprise social tools. The solution allows companies to leverage gamification, social and reputation in combination to drive employee behavior.

Users configure a goal, which can be anything from completing expense reports to answering customer inquiries within a specific timeframe, in the Behavior Platform.Then, they specify a reward for achieving the goal. The reward may be a real-world good, but most often it's badges, ranks or statuses. Once an employee reaches the goal, Badgeville publishes the achievement in Yammer's activity stream where other Yammer users can see the achievement, comment  or "like" it. Publicizing the achievement provides additional motivation to the achiever and encourages onlookers to earn their own recognition.

Companies such as Deloitte consulting are already using the integration. Deloitte rewards consultants for checking in about client meetings, which rewards behavior and provides consultants a little extra exposure to executives who regularly monitor the system.

Learning Opportunities


Yammer isn’t the only company that Badgeville has partnered with to spread gamification across the enterprise. Connectors exist for Salesforce, Jive, Omniture, IBM Connections and several other platforms.

Last week, Badgeville and several of its partners went on the road to discuss gamification and how companies can use it to enhance business processes in their first city tour, a one-day moving conference. In addition to Badgeville's announcement, platform-as-a-service provider Engine Yard announced this week it had selected Badgeville to add a gamification layer on top of its customer support operations.

Getting More Information

The Badgeville and Yammer integration is available now. Customers can get more information by contacting either Yammer or Badgeville for additional details. Pricing details for the connector were not available.