OnlyWire Lives

OnlyWire is not new -- nor is automated social bookmarking. What is new is that OnlyWire has released its new version 2.0 and the social bookmarking sites have decided that they are okay. New ownership back in July 2008 surely contributed to this.

OnlyWire is a nice little automated bookmarking service similar to things like, Tarpipe and others. Until recently it was in danger of being completely blacklisted (or at least the sites that the bookmarks were coming from). Linktopia, a premier social bookmarking site, even went as far as putting up warnings on their site stating that if you continue posting to their site from OnlyWire, they will mark the sites you've saved in a spam database which they will share with various online communities.

With new ownership and a much more dedicated team, OnlyWire has turned this around. According to Linktopia’s blog, many of the problems they were having with OnlyWire were unreturned contacts in the form of emails and a flood of spam related posts. While Linktopia does warn against intentional spamming and multiple accounts with the same links, they have stopped threatening OnlyWire users.

Linktopia is not the only social bookmarking site available through OnlyWire, not by a long shot. Others include Ask, Technorati, Delicious, Newsvine, Twitter and Facebook.

What’s New with OnlyWire 2.0?

OnlyWire’s old site honestly looked like something from 1995, but with a new site, new ownership and new rules…OnlyWire is again on the move to become THE resource for automated social bookmarking.

Previously OnlyWire was strictly a free service, but now they are offering two different options.

  • Option 1 – while still free, OnlyWire will require you to reset your account and add a bookmark and share button to your site to help promote OnlyWire
  • Option 2 – this option allows you to use the fully-supported, ad-free version for a modest monthly sum, billed annually.

So with comments like, “Linkatopia has practically declared war on OnlyWire or other third party apps which people have been using to automatically bookmark web sites,” coming from various blogs around the net not too long ago, OnlyWire has managed to do a complete 180 and show the skeptics that they are not to be trifled with.

Check out OnlyWire today…