Social Media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here's the week's social media news, in scan-friendly format.
This Week:
  • Facebook Connect General Launch
  • Digg 'Not for Sale'
  • FileRide: a Social Network for ... Files(?)
  • Six Apart Buys Pownce, Shuts it Down
  • Disastrous Timewaster of the Week: FireNES 

Facebook Connect General Launch

The long-touted Connect went live yesterday, offering Facebook users the opportunity to bring their Facebook identity with them to other websites for commenting avatar use, and various other interesting activities. The service was already in limited use on a small number of sites like CNN Forums, but now it’s available for implementation across the Web.
Mark Zuckerburg on the Facebook blog:
Facebook Connect makes it easier for you to take your online identity with you all over the Web, share what you do online with your friends and stay updated on what they're doing. You won't have to create separate accounts for every website, just use your Facebook login wherever Connect is available.”
Michael Arrington gave the new product his blessing by immediately integrating Connect into Techcrunch – a strong early endorsement from the high priest of blogging.

Going off-topic for a moment, it looks like Facebook blog posts don’t have unique urls/permalinks, but instead are lumped into a month-long archived scroll-a-thon. How utterly bizarre. 

Digg ‘Not For Sale’

Despite an army of devotees who practically live there (including the writer), a charismatic and iconic founder/ head bottle-washer, millions of weekly page views, dominion over the social news aggregating world, a precise, notably affluent demographic audience, advertising and marketing tie-ins to beat the band and millions in VC investment, Digg hasn’t yet managed to turn its potential into hard profits.
It has thus constantly been the subject of takeover speculation: a deal was reportedly all but signed, sealed and delivered with Microsoft a few months back, and Google was also strongly rumored to be sniffing around.
But in an interview with Business Week, CEO Jay Adelson says the company has tripled revenues, and is on course for real profitibility in 2009.
The Digg community warmly welcomed the news, then went looking at pictures of elephants with their trunks stuck up other elephants’ butts.

6a buys pownce

Speaking of Digg, Kevin Rose had a busy week all around, after he and his co-founders offloaded microblogger Pownce to Six Apart. 6A immediately announced that it would be terminating the service.
One of the great things about Pownce was its file-sharing capability, which put it one step ahead of more established rival Twitter. But in the end, Twitter proved to have too much market traction, and steamrolled the impressive Pownce service in the consumer microblogging marketplace.
Chances are Six Apart sanctioned the deal with an eye to augmenting its online community VOX, but Movable Type and TypePad will presumably benefit too. Read our take on the SixApart / Pownce takeover here: what 6A is up to, how to get your data out of Pownce,  and how the deal went down.

FileRide: A Social Network for (wait for it)… Files

If The Terminator taught us anything, its that files are people too. As such, it makes perfect sense that files might want to connect with the old gang from the class of FAT 16, and see who’s graduated into the Linux kernel and who ended up in a forgotten .zip.
FileRide doesn’t quite offer this capability, although we offer the recommendation for version 2. Instead its about finding and connecting with other people with the same preferences as yourself. Its angle is finding social connections based on your file preferences. What you do is drag your favorite files to the FileRide social desktop, FileRide matches your preferences to other users, and hey presto, you’ve found other people with the same interests as yourself.
It’s an interesting paradigm, one which might work best as a feature on a larger social platform like Facebook. Check out CMSWire’s coverage of FileRide for more.

Disastrous Timewaster of the Week

FireNES has been around for a while, but thankfully we didn't know about this horrifically addictive FireFox plugin. Until now...
Just install the plugin and you will find a Java NES emulator and a distressingly complete list of Nintendo roms to play from your browser.
Hey, if we can't do any work because we're playing Megaman 2, then neither should you.