Colorado-based OpenLogic, an enterprise open source solutions vendor, has just announced the availability of OpenLogic Discovery, a software tool that helps companies take inventory of open source software already installed on their computer systems. That's right, already installed. Do you know what's sitting on your systems? The free offering is able to identify over 5,000 versions of the top 900 open source packages currently used by enterprises. It does this by marking open source footprints, and can locate installed open source software on Windows, Linux and Solaris platforms. CEO Steve Grandchamp of OpenLogic said the company is "responding to requests from its Fortune 500 customers who need a way to identify what open source packages have already been installed on their machines. "Most large organizations have begun, or soon plan to begin, developing open source policies, but the natural first step in this process is to know exactly what packages are already installed." Discovery does far more than merely identify instances of open source installation. Coupled with the tool is an Open Source Inventory Analysis. Through Discovery's command line interface, users can scan up to 500 computers and send the results to OpenLogic for a complimentary analysis of the findings. The analysis includes: * Which open source packages have been installed on the machines * How many installations of each package were found * Which of the open source packages found have passed the 42-point certification process proffered by OpenLogic * Any open source licenses that may be involved in the packages found Earlier this year, Evans Data found that open source adoption will only increase in the next few years amongst enterprises seeking content management and other tech-oriented solutions. And why not? It typically costs businesses a minimal amount to install. Plus, with business-friendly offerings like Alfresco and Joomla, and professional collectives like The Linux Foundation, open source is hardly the hacker's Wild West it used to be. But knowing full well that open source software can be difficult to control and account for, OpenLogic has made it a goal to help enterprises safely support and control this seemingly untethered industry staple. Get into Discovery mode, courtesy of OpenLogic, for your first 500 machines. Service for more than that starts at US$ 5,000 for the firm's JumpStart Inventory service.