Ah yes, this is indeed a wonderful era for learning and networking. There are conferences and webinars coming out our ears, hotspots a-plenty and if you're lucky, sponsored drinks at the bar.

Our weekly events list is designed to help you plan ahead. And if we've missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to our industry events calendar.


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June Events

June 7-14 (New York) Internet Week

Internet Week invites all interested companies and organizations to participate. Like the Web itself, Internet Week is open: anyone can attend events, and anyone can throw events citywide. No organization is too big or too small to be included. Open access for all!

June 8-9 (Chicago): ESC Chicago 2010

If you are an engineer involved in designing and developing embedded systems, you must attend ESC Chicago 2010. The conference is your chance to learn about design techniques and best practices from the leading experts in the industry.

June 8-9 (Chantilly): Basis Technology's Government Users Conference

Join your fellow language and technology professionals at the premier industry conference on the applications of Human Language Technology (HLT) to all branches of national government.

June 9 (Chantilly): Basis Technology's Sleuth Kit & Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

Join your fellow digital forensics and media exploitation colleagues at the first conference dedicated to using The Sleuth Kit and open source digital forensics tools.

June 11 (Sydney): Engage Your Customers…or Lose Them - Optimising your Web, Social & Mobile Touchpoints for an Engaging Web Experience

CoreMedia + NCS cordially invite you to an exclusive executive session “Engage Your Customers…or Lose Them - Optimising your Web, Social & Mobile Touchpoints for an Engaging Web Experience.”

June 14 (Paris): CMSGeekUp Paris - June 2010

The 'Last Thursday Group' is a networking group aimed at meeting and discussing issues involved in the provision of websites and the services supporting websites. With lots of Beer - and Wine ;) - and Content Management thrown in — all in the fantastic city of light, Paris.

June 14-17 (Boston): Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston 2010

Comprehensive thought leadership from strategy, to execution and performance monitoring. Topics include setting your e2.0 strategy, social business applications and platforms, and emerging video applications and enterprise collaboration. 

June 15 (Toronto): Public Relations in a Social World

Get practical advice on how to implement your own social PR strategy, see real-world case studies and examples, and gain insights into an actionable plan for managing your web presence to support your brand in the social web world. 

June 15-17 (Chicago): BriForum 2010

This is your exclusive opportunity to get the most independent, advanced, technical information and expert strategies from top-notch industry analysts, bloggers and best-selling authors dedicated to desktop virtualization technology.

June 16-18 (Los Angeles): Silverpoint User Conference 2010

Silverpoint invites our clients to our 2010 User Conference! And if you submit a presentation topic and it's accepted, you can attend for half price.

June 17 (Online): Webinar: Expand Your Online Strategy Beyond Your Website

The Internet plays an increasingly important role for customer engagement and business success. However, most companies have not recognized that a focus on their website alone may prevent them from truly connecting with their customers who are active on social networks or accessing the Internet via a mobile device.

June 21-25 (San Francisco): Semantic Technology Conference 2010

The mission of this event is to raise awareness and explain the usage of semantic technologies in business and consumer settings.

June 22 (San Jose): Cloudforce 2 Tour San Jose

Join salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff to learn how Cloud 2 can transform your entire business. Then, choose from 18 targeted breakout sessions for sales, customer service, developers, IT executives, ISVs, and entrepreneurs.

June 22-23 (Salzberg, Austria): IKS Early-adopters Workshop

This event launches the IKS Early-adopters programme. It will held on 22-23 June 2010 in Salzburg, Austria. The goal is to bring together the first group of CMS vendors who will evaluate the IKS Stack by integrating IKS components of their choice into their CMS technology platform

June 22-23 (Atlanta): The Business of WordPress

The Business Of WordPress Conference is focused on providing generally non-technical business people with a roadmap for how they can leverage WordPress to establish or advance their business’ presence on the web.

 June 22-24 (Santa Clara): O'Reilly Velocity 2010

Velocity, the O'Reilly Web Performance and Operations Conference, demonstrates how to automate performance and ops best practices to make sites fast by default. Now in its third year, Velocity brings together the leaders taking web performance and operations into the future.

June 23-15 (Copenhagen): Umbraco Codegarden 2010

Come join the annual umbraco developer conference in Wonderful Copenhagen on June 24rd - 25th 2010. Two days for insights, eye-openers, great conversations and friendly people - plus a free pre-conference on the 23rd.

June 23-24 (San Francisco): Structure 2010 San Francisco

Whether you’re in a corporation looking to learn about infrastructure best practices or an entrepreneur looking for your next venture, Structure 2010 is a must-attend event that can provide you with the best ideas, contacts and thinkers.

June 23-25 (Berlin): eZ Conference & eZ Awards

The annual eZ Conference and Awards is the largest Open Source Content Management event in Europe. Meet up in Berlin on June 24th and 25th to attend this Web Content Management & Digital Media Conference. The regular Partner meeting is held on the 23rd.

June 24 (New York City): CMSGeekUp NYC - June 2010

The 'Last Thursday Group' a networking group aimed at meeting and discussing issues involved in the provision of websites and the services supporting websites. With lots of Beer and Content Management thrown in — all in NYC.

June 24-25 (Berlin): eZ Conference & Awards 2010

eZ Conference 2010 has a wide but focused appeal. eZ's commitment to free and Open Source software means that its ecosystem includes some of the brightest, well-informed professionals worldwide.

June 27-30 (Denver): International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2010

ISTE's Annual Conference & Exposition features an amazing array of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities.

June 27-July 1.(Las Vegas): Cisco Live 2010

Cisco Live has a well deserved reputation as one the industry’s best educational values. With hundreds of sessions spanning four educational programs — Networkers, Developer Networker, Service Provider, IT Management, you can build a custom curriculum that can make you a more valuable asset to your workplace and advance your career goals.

June 28-29 (San Francisco): Voices That Matter: Web Design Conference

This conference brings together respected industry authors and thought-leaders of the Web design revolution.

June 28-29 (New York): Luxury Interactive 2010

For the fourth year, Luxury Interactive brings together innovators in luxury marketing, offering solutions for the most pressing issues facing the industry.

June 29 (San Francisco): Social Developer Summit

The first Social Developer Summit will bring together social application developers to discuss the challenges, solutions, and best practices for building applications in the rapidly expanding social web economy.

June 29-30 (London): 2nd Annual Cloud Computing Forum

The 2nd Annual Cloud Computing World Forum is the perfect event for professionals to learn and discuss the development, application, integration and future of cloud computing and saas.

June 29-30 (London): Green Enterprise World Forum

The Green Enterprise World Forum is the perfect event for professionals to learn and discuss the future development and integration of green computing and IT strategies.

June 29-July 2 (Orlando): Science 2.0 and Expansion of Science: S2ES

The purpose of the Organizing Committee of the International Symposium on Science 2.0 and Expansion of Science (S2ES 2010) is to bring together researchers and designers from the three perspectives of the proposed New Science in order to 1) share their reflections regarding each of these three perspectives, 2) analyze what is common among them, and 3) identify the ways they complement each other.

June 30 (London): Henry Stewart DAM Conference 2010 London

The Henry Stewart DAM events  highlight all the important issues from the fundamentals of how to get started with a DAM solution to the latest developments in DAM technology and processes

July Events

July 11-15 (Washington): Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2010

Learn about the latest product innovations and solutions, network and engage with other partners and Microsoft employees, and get resources to build your business. With over 15,000 attendees expected, WPC 2010 is going to be big, so don't miss out!

July 14-15 (Singapore): Mobile Cloud Computing ASIA

In this event, we will discover how the players of the ecosystem will look at opportunities and overcome challenges for Mobile Cloud Computing.

July 18-20 (Vail, Colorado): Corporate Litigation  Exchange

Join chief litigation counsel at the Corporate Litigation Exchange to take on modern challenges while developing a comprehensive approach that aligns legal efforts with the overall goals of the company.

July 19-23 (Portland): O'Reilly Oscon 2010

OSCON is the premier gathering place to gain exposure to and evaluate the new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software, and standards sweeping through the open source community.

July 28-30 (Baltimore): Intelligent Spatial Decision Analysis (ISDA '10)

Within the study on decision-making essence and its links with some strictly related concepts as evaluation and choice, it is possible to state that whereas decision can be mostly considered as a “political” process, evaluation mainly includes technical issues, while choice induces both sides problems.The aim of the workshop is to investigate such connections among disciplines, by theoretical debates and tales on case studies. 

July 28-30 (Baltimore): International Symposium on Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT'10)

IDT-10 is interdisciplinary in nature and will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent decision systems and related areas.

August Events

August 6-8 (Bangalore): 4th Intl Conference on Information Processing (ICIP 2010)

The main goal of the Conference is to bring together scientists and engineers who work on Information Processing, Communications and Networks and Security aspects.

August 22 (New Brunswick, NJ): Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval (HCIR) 2010

HCIR combines research from the fields of human-computer interaction (HCI) and IR, placing an emphasis on human involvement in search activities.

August 24-27 (Washington, DC): SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The Best Practices Conference is where you'll find the smartest ideas, activities and techniques in practice today, and the core methods that achieve the best outcomes.

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