Ah yes, this is indeed a wonderful era for learning and networking. There are conferences and webinars coming out our ears, hotspots a-plenty and if you're lucky, sponsored drinks at the bar.

Our weekly events list is designed to help you plan ahead. And if we've missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to our industry events calendar.


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July Events

July 18-20 (Vail, Colorado): Corporate Litigation  Exchange

Join chief litigation counsel at the Corporate Litigation Exchange to take on modern challenges while developing a comprehensive approach that aligns legal efforts with the overall goals of the company.

July 19-23 (Portland): O'Reilly Oscon 2010

OSCON is the premier gathering place to gain exposure to and evaluate the new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software, and standards sweeping through the open source community.

July 21 (London): Utilising the power of ECM in SharePoint 2010

The buzz around Microsoft SharePoint 2010 continues this summer and we are here to help demonstrate the power of this technology. This event focuses on SharePoint 2010's Enterprise Content Management features and functions.

July 28-30 (Baltimore): Intelligent Spatial Decision Analysis (ISDA '10)

Within the study on decision-making essence and its links with some strictly related concepts as evaluation and choice, it is possible to state that whereas decision can be mostly considered as a “political” process, evaluation mainly includes technical issues, while choice induces both sides problems.The aim of the workshop is to investigate such connections among disciplines, by theoretical debates and tales on case studies. 

July 28-30 (Baltimore): International Symposium on Intelligent Decision Technologies (IDT'10)

IDT-10 is interdisciplinary in nature and will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the applications and theory of intelligent decision systems and related areas.

July 29 (New York City): #CMSGeekUpNYC

The 'Last Thursday Group' a networking group aimed at meeting and discussing issues involved in the provision of websites and the services supporting websites. With lots of Beer and Content Management thrown in — all in NYC.

August Events

August 5 (online): Webinar: How a Shared Enterprise CMS + BPM Model Can Optimize Your Enterprise

Learn how an ECM+BMP shared-services model can make much better use of your scarce IT resources. Tune-in to this event on August 5th at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT.

August 6-8 (Bangalore): 4th Intl Conference on Information Processing (ICIP 2010)

The main goal of the Conference is to bring together scientists and engineers who work on Information Processing, Communications and Networks and Security aspects.

August 13-22 (Seattle): Seattle Geek Week

Seattle Geek Week features 10 days of events hosted by various individuals, organizations and community groups. There will be conferences, workshops, meetups and, of course, parties!

August 16-20 (San Francisco): Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference and Expo 2010

SES is packed with sessions covering PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site optimization and usability, while offering high-level strategy, keynotes, an expo floor with 100+ companies, networking events, parties and more!

August 17-19 (Seattle): pii2010 (privacy identity innovation)

pii2010 will explore how emerging technologies and business models are impacting the way data is created, shared and aggregated and how to strike a balance between protecting sensitive information and enabling innovation.

August 22 (New Brunswick, NJ): Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval (HCIR) 2010

HCIR combines research from the fields of human-computer interaction (HCI) and IR, placing an emphasis on human involvement in search activities.

August 24-27 (Washington, DC): SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The Best Practices Conference is where you'll find the smartest ideas, activities and techniques in practice today, and the core methods that achieve the best outcomes.

September Events

September 1-3 (Graz, Austria) 5th AIS SigPrag International Pragmatic Web Conference Track (ICPW 2010)

THE PRAGMATIC WEB CONFERENCE TRACK at i-Semantics 2010 is a unique forum to envision and debate how the emerging social, semantic, multimedia Web mediates the ways in which we construct shared meaning.

September 8 (London): Beyond CMS: how to empower your business with EPiServer

Discover how an effective CMS can help you achieve your business goals. Learn about the latest in website management from leading professionals.

September 8-10 (Chengdu) 5th Annual Asia shared service and outsourcing summit

The Annual Asia Shared Service and Outsourcing Summit, which is an annual event for companies in China, is recognized as one of the most outstanding and influential gathering for shared service professionals in Asia.

September 14-16 (Orlando): NSA Trusted Computing Conference and Exposition

Is your computer safe? In partnership with industry and academia, the NSA is pioneering breakthrough Trusted Computing technologies that stop cyber threats dead in their tracks.

September 15-16 (Shanghai): 2nd Annual Customer Loyalty Asia Programme & CRM Summit

2nd Annual Customer Loyalty Asia Programme & CRM Summit 2010, carefully researched and organized by Neoedge Singapore, will provide all international and local companies an in-time and efficient platform of learning, networking and partnership building for your corporate advantage in the increasingly vibrant and fierce market.

September 16-17 (Basel, Switzerland): Magnolia Conference 2010

The first day will consist of keynotes and sessions with business and technical topics in regard to Magnolia CMS. The day after will be Community Day, an Unconference-style event run by the attendees.

September 19-23 (San Francisco): Oracle OpenWorld 2010

With thousands of sessions and hundreds of exhibits and demos, there's no better place to learn how to optimize your existing systems, get an inside line on upcoming technology breakthroughs, and meet with the strategists and developers responsible for the products and services that help you get better results for your company.

September 20-22 (Monterey): X Change Conference 

The X Change Conference is built around intimate conversations led by Enterprise analytics managers and senior practitioners.

September 22-23 (New York): Createasphere Digital Asset Management (DAM) Conference

The Entertainment and Media industry premier event on the management of digital assets. This conference and expo will shape the standards and explore the urgent global issues of digital asset management in the entertainment and media sector.

September 22 (Chicago): Henry Stewart DAM Conference 2010 Chicago

The Henry Stewart DAM events, held in New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles, highlight all the important issues from the fundamentals of how to get started with a DAM solution to the latest developments in DAM technology and processes.

September 22-23: (Singapore): Social Media World Forum Asia

Social Media World Forum Asia will bring together the Asian Social Media community to debate the hot topics for 2010.  

September 24-25 (Paris): European Information Architecture Summit VI (euroIAVI)

The Sixth European Information Architecture Summit does not have a specific theme. Rather, we will be putting together an English-language programme that represents a wide range of subjects - from hard-core search strategies, to more general user-experience topics.

September 24 (Paris): Cloud Computing Congress Asia

The Cloud Computing Congress Asia examines the latest state of cloud computing, the technical challenges, and how to the applications can be controlled and managed in a Cloud based environment.

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