All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. This week’s highlights include: * Learning to love the stranger. The Scandinavian model contains enterprise-worthy lessons on collaboration and community. Guess what? They have little to do with Twitter. * Central Desktop Blurs Collaboration, Social Networking Lines. And speaking of Twitter, Central Desktop brings its functionality to the office! * Buys Its Way Into the CM Space. The game has one more competitor. But do the CRM pros know what it takes to play CMS? * What is Web 2.0 Content Management? (Part 1) Two major CMS geeks get to work on demystifying a buzzword and explaining how it actually applies to the changing face of business. * Commentful Adds to Stream-of-Thought Publishing Trend. Conversation makes a comeback. Kind of. And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of (if unique visits are anything to go by, anyway). Looks like we've all got content optimization, rights protection and overall Web 2.0 site revamps on our minds... * SEO and CMS: Deployment Best Practices (Part 1) * Lastest Drupal v5 CMS Performance is Compelling * Alfresco Updates Open Source ECM * Autonomy Still Believes in Digital Copyright * Google Releases Optimized IE7