All the twists, turns and tips you need for staying up-to-date by the water cooler. This week’s highlights include: * ad:tech Chicago: Actions Speak Louder than Clicks. A practical guide to online relationship marketing by the guys who inspired you to buy your last pair of Chucks. * For a More Secure Web Offering, Be Wary with AJAX. The benefits are ever-lauded; what's the flip side? * Web Publishing: Good Traffic; Bad Traffic. An old adage still holds: it's quality, not quantity, that counts. * Can XML Be Efficient? W3C Thinks So. Here's the latest word on reining in the XML monster. * It's Time, Inc. for Social Networks. And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of (if unique visits are anything to go by, anyway). Watch out for Joomla; it's leading the open source pack. * Update: Best Open Source CMS Award Nominees * Google Apps Go Mobile, Starting with iPhone * Open Source: Joomla CMS Dances Off the Mambo Floor * Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven Lead External Web Content Management * Silverstripe: Simple Content Management for Mum