Packt Publishing
Has it been a year already? Apparently it has, as Packt Publishing releases a first look at the list of nominees for the 2007 Best Open Source CMS Awards.With more than 10,000 nominations already received, this year's version of the awards is shaping up to be even more exciting than what was seen in 2006. The categories will remain the same: * Best social networking CMS * Best open source PHP CMS * Best other open source CMS * Most promising open source CMS * Overall Winner But questions remain: * Can Joomla! repeat its first place performance from 2006 or will Drupal overcome the single point that kept it out of the top spot? * Will an entrenched open source cms player assume their rightful place at the top of the list or will a lesser known product make a splash? * Is the Coolrunnings Skydive Team a viable competitor in the open source cms space? For the full list of nominees and more information, drop by the Packt Publishing Blog. Who is your pick to win first prize? Let us know in the comments.