Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven Lead External Web Content Management

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After evaluating 11 web content management vendors and providers across 190 content management and delivery criteria specific to external sites, Forrester ranked Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven as leaders in the recently released Web Content Management for External Sites report. The study analyzed the top 11 Web CMS vendors including Day Software, EMC, FatWire, IBM, Interwoven, Microsoft, Oracle, Percussion, RedDot Solutions, SDL Tridion and Vignette.Forrester had many flattering things to say about the three leaders:* SDL Tridion excelled in personalization and multisite and multi-language functionality* FatWire stood out for its high-scoring multi-site management and J2EE support * Interwoven was praised for its superior multi-site staging combined with taxonomy management and automated classificationIn the report, Kyle McNabb, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research commented on the products as follows: * “Tridion complements its strength in both content delivery and content management with a graphical, user-friendly tool set that allows content administrators and site managers to easily create and target content. Tridion also differentiates itself from other vendors with comprehensive globalization functionality, which allows its users to centrally administer Web sites in multiple languages.” * "FatWire is strong in a broad range of areas, including multi-site management and an intuitive tool set for power users.Their focus on personalization and globalization functionality, as well as other broad capabilities, help make them a leader in the Web content management (WCM) market.”* “Interwoven shines with targeting and metadata discovery. Interwoven’s TeamSite Content Management Server 6.7.1 and LiveSite 3.0, together with the vendor’s new content delivery module Interwoven Targeting, demonstrate Interwoven’s increased commitment to enabling organizations to manage and deliver persuasive content.”Of the 11 vendors evaluated, Interwoven was ranked number one in Web Content Management product strategy and product architecture, and listed as the vendor who has the largest market presence of the three companies in the leader category.What's interesting overall is the focus being placed on customer experience and the integration of tools that help measure and refine that experience. This is an important trend in the industry. Other smaller Web CMS vendors such as Hot Banana (now J.L. Halsey), have made this a primary differentiator for some time. The three leaders in Forrester's findings all have placed customer experience and persuasive content at or near the front of their current external website strategy. Interwoven has just released an Interwoven Targeting module. Tridion offers their Audience Manager, Personalization and Communication Statistics modules. And Fatwire's Engage squarely targets personalization and persuasion.Are you a user of Tridion, Fatwire or Interwoven? Do you agree with the Forrester rankings? How is your organization making the customer experience a dynamic one? Let us know.