Here's one more for our techie bookworm readership: Packt Press has published a new book aimed at helping users harness the power and benefits of Oracle Database and PHP. PHP Oracle Web Development: Data processing, Security, Caching, XML, Web Services, and Ajax, is written by Yuli Vasiliev and covers the most popular and up-to-date topics on using PHP in conjunction with Oracle. The general idea of the book is that once you are able to combine the power, performance, scalability, and reliability of the Oracle Database with the high performance and speedy development time of PHP, magical things are possible. Specifically, one can build scalable and reliable data-driven web applications with this type of partnership. If that last part made you drool a little bit, then this book is definitely for you. Vasiliev’s book includes detailed information on how to: * Program your own PHP/Oracle application * Distribute data processing between the web servers (running PHP) and the database servers (running Oracle) * Create reusable building blocks for PHP/Oracle solutions * Use up-to-date technologies such as Ajax and web services in PHP Oracle development “PHP Oracle Web Development” attempts to address the needs of a broad spectrum of PHP/Oracle developers with an emphasis on topics such as: new PHP and Oracle features, headlining transactions, security, and AJAX. If you are new to Oracle or PHP, don't fret; the book makes no assumptions about the skill level of the reader.In fact, it's written entirely around example code, which makes the complex topics that it covers easier to follow. Vasiliev uses this learn-by-doing method to guide readers through building simple and efficient PHP applications on top of Oracle, to efficiently distribute data processing between the Web/PHP server and Oracle Database server. The bottom line: Whether you’re a hardened PHP and Oracle power user or a complete n00b, this latest offering from Packt should have something to offer for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of Oracle and PHP collaboration. For more information, visit the Packt Publishing website.