One big topic this week that you couldn't avoid hearing and/or talking about was the launch of Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. #CMSGeekUps around the world turned this opportunity into drinking games. Many Enterprise CMS vendors -- including KnowledgeLake, EMC, Open Text and others -- quickly announced their support for everyone's darling.

In the meantime, Open Text has shown some signs of struggle on the licensing revenue front, despite the many acquisitions the Waterloo ECM giant has made. Support revenue is high, but licensing revenue dropped -- could be just one of the indicators about the direction and vision of this vendor.

At the CMSWire headquarters, we continued to discuss web engagement management concepts and technologies. Want to chat WEM? The opportunity is there, as next week we will see you at what promises to be a rather informationally nutritious event -- Gilbane Conference San Francisco.

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