Enterprise collaboration proves to be a spicy hot topic, as we continue to explore the twists and turns of the modern Enterprise 2.0 highway. Below is a little sampler from this week's enterprise collaboration menu, get more mind-nourishing treats here

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The M&A season is still (again?) in full swing with IBM buying Datacap and Unica (Did someone just say CEM?) in one quick sweep, and Google - Jambool and Slide Inc. These big games is, perhaps, something that smallish Web CMS vendors like EPiServer can only marvel at -- especially, after recently pulling off their own IPO last minute.

'Weblogs' are in the news again, as if it is the 90s all over again, as we re-evaluate blogs and offer some tips on better usability and greater engagement -- important for enterprise bloggers, too. While Twitter, HTML5 and general content management business is, as always, on our radars. Hey, and it looks like a new buzzword is sprawling. How would you like some ACM?

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