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Highlights of the Week

* On-the-Go File Management Gets Smarter with DoxNow. Made with the consumer in mind, the DoxNow smart drive is designed to scan, import, index, organize, and retrieve documents with relative ease. * Interview: eTouch CEO Discusses Integrating SamePage with WebEx Connect. Learn about the significance of the partnership, the future of Enterprise 2.0, and the importance of collaboration and workflow. * Enterprise CMS Vendors Failing Critical Security Tests. Is SOA a true requirement for Enterprise Content Management or is there another, safer way to integrate in the enterprise? * Six New JumpBoxes for phpBB, TikiWiki and Chums. JumpBox ups its number of appliances to twenty. * Amazon Accepts Facebook's Friend Request. What you don’t have is a bucket full of money (or venture funding) to pay for a server farm? Call Amazon. *’s New Release Spring 08 Focuses on Content Management A new focus on content management and collaboration capabilities pushes the CRM solution into new territory. * FeedRoom Inc. Gets Fed With Open Text's Artesia Get the benefit of both top of the line digital asset management and a flexible solution for rich media distribution.

Most Popular Articles

And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of -- if page views are anything to go by, anyways. So what was your fancy? Popular CMS, SharePoint Proliferation and Collaboration Platforms. A little diversity among CMS never hurt. * Results: Most Popular CMS in Technorati's Top 100 * IBM’s Fight to Stop the SharePoint Proliferation * Movable Type 4.0 vs. Expression Engine 1.6 * Assessing SharePoint as an ECM Platform

The Economy is in the Dumps but Content Management is Booming

If you're looking to advance your career, or if your org has got empty seats in need of savvy CMSers, you're in luck. Catch the best fish of the season on our content management industry job board. Featured Jobs: * Vice President, Global Technology at News Corporation * Web Production Manager at eBay - StubHub * Electronic Resources Editor at American Health Information Management Association * Business Analyst at MSN AdCenter * Senior Marketing Manager at News Corporation, Beliefnet * Interaction Designer at Yahoo!