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Highlights of the Week

* Open Text Announces New ERP Product Plans, New Hires. What does the Enterprise CMS giant plan to do with this Washington-based provider of document management and delivery solutions? * Day Speaks on 2009 Plans, Open Source, CQ5 and More. Day’s recently-onboarded CMO Kevin Cochrane tells us all the glorious details about a recent open source award and (much) more -- including, why he left Interwoven and Alfresco. * Sitecore Boasts Over 100% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth. While this kind of revenue percentage distribution may seem kind of funky to some, knowing Sitecore’s focus on software development and exclusive outsourcing of PS and related implementation activities to its third-party integrators and partners -- we are not surprised. * Make Content Management Easier with Pixie CMS. As many know, content can be maddening to organize and not all content management systems make it easy to organize and compile that content, let alone manage a web site. Pixie is hoping the change that. * De-hyping CMIS. As most already know, many ECM vendors have already developed working prototypes for CMIS.

Most Popular Articles

And these are the articles you couldn’t get enough of during the past week -- if page views are anything to go by, anyways. So what was your fancy? Hacking and security, Google Apps and maps, choices, results and strategies. * How They Hack Your Website: Overview of Common Techniques. Defense is your best offense. Know the basics. * Google Maps Get Better Eyesight With GeoEye-1. There is a new eye in the sky. * Results: Most Popular CMS in Technorati's Top 100. What micro publishers are using today. * Google Apps Go Mobile, Starting with iPhone. What does Safari 3 have to do with Office applications on the iPhone? * Five Reasons to Choose Vignette (or Not...). The company has been kicked around a little bit lately in the press. We give them an opportunity to press back. * Gartner: 2009 Top 10 Strategic Technologies. These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and initiatives.

The Economy is in the Dumps but Content Management is Booming

If you're looking to advance your career, or if your org has got empty seats in need of savvy CMSers, you're in luck. Catch the best fish of the season on our content management job board. Featured Jobs: * ActionScript Engineer (ActionScript Assassin) at Meebo * Software Chameleon at BorderStylo * Senior Web Developer at Trapeze * Web UI Developer at GETCO