Make Content Management Easier with Pixie CMS

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Pixie Open Source Web CMS
The recent PacktPub 2008 Open Source CMS awards proved how competitive the open source web CMS area really is. Every year the competition seems to be heating up. Now, there is a another new player in the world of open source web CMS…Pixie. And it might just give all the others a run for the money.Pixie is a brand new open source CMS option that claims ease of use as one of their key features. As many know, content can be maddening to organize and not all content management systems make it easy to organize and compile that content, let alone manage a web site. Pixie is hoping the change that.According to their site, “Pixie is not out to compete with any other site management tool. Our main goal is to keep Pixie so simple that even your Grandma could use it.”With ease of use being such an important aspect of any CMS, we think it puts them in competition with others whether they want it or not.

Pixie Dashboard

Pixie Open Source CMS Features

Pixie has a long list of features that make it quite appealing to those looking for a nice, clean, flexible option that is open source:* Intuitive web based interface -- with a clean, intuitive interface, Pixie lives up to its claims of ease of use* Easy installation -- installation is easy and has multiple options for the type of site you are looking for, whether it be a blog or a brand website* Blogging (with RSS feeds) -- as mentioned, Pixie has some great blogging capabilities* CSS Themes -- all themes are built with CSS* Clean URLs-- the ability to have clean, search friendly URLs* Database backups -- auto database backups* Multilingual -- multilingual support, though not all languages supported currently* Lightweight and Small (< 1mb) -- great for those with small hosting accounts* Search engine friendly -- search friendly code output helps with SEO and marketing

Pixie Pages

Requirements for Pixie CMS

* PHP 4.3 and above* MySQL 4.0 and above * JavaScript enabled browser

Pixie Settings
All in all, Pixie's web CMS looks to meet up to its claims of being an easy to use, easy to install, lightweight open source web CMS -- or as they call it, “a small, simple website maker.”Will they be a name to watch for in upcoming web CMS competitions? It may be too early to tell, but they are certainly a CMS option to keep an eye on.