Tibco (news, site) has just unveiled its latest Spotfire Web Player update, providing any iPad-toting web admin a new and impressive way to show their daily stats.

Padding the Numbers

Since Tibco's transition from desktop to the cloud, the company has seen rising success with its Spotfire analytics package. It now moves to the iPad to become a status symbol for Web 2.0 admins that want to keep track of their sites' numbers and analytics without resorting to the humble keyboard.

Tibco Silver Spotfire was launched back in July, taking the company's sizeable analytics package into the cloud. Thanks to an update to Spotfire Web Player, it now makes its appearance on Apple's sexy tablet.


Get your site's big numbers on your big iPad screen

Stats On the Run

Spotfire helps users create customized dashboards, showing web analytics or business intelligence (BI) data that can be published or shared with other users. The update brings these charts and associated information to iPad users, allowing them to interact with and view the data.

The process of creating analytics takes only a few minutes and helps users view data faster, show off impressive numbers in big meetings and, at the very least, make your company appear as if it's keeping up with the cutting edge.

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Among the updated features are touchscreen dashboards. These dashboards allow users to move among the data with their fingers, choose what to present (with a huge array of chart types) and update the data in real time. The Analysis tools keep that data in check with predictive trend analysis and access to deeper data to find the root cause of particular trends.

Finally, dashboards and templates can be shared (in PDF format at a touch) with other users to help spread information or solve problems. Final versions can also be published online, letting the world see how well your site is doing. You can find out more info on Tibco's iPad page.