Queplix Unveils Universal Search Platform
Queplix the Princeton-based company that specializes in universal enterprise search solutions for large corporate systems, has just unveiled QueSearch, a universal search platform that securely integrates structured data from enterprise, SaaS and cloud applications into a single search tool.

Enterprise Application Integration Eliminated

According to the company, QueSearch eliminates efforts at enterprise application integration level by dynamically globalizing and joining information contained in all systems’ entities during the search.

The search software automatically extracts data and permissions from a wide variety of application and database formats, while enforcing security policies and access controls on a per-user basis to ensure that sensitive data is protected.

As a result, searching for up-to-date information will produce search results comprised from data fields extracted from SAP, Salesforce.com and billing systems as well as related documents across the enterprise repository. They key is that the user has access to these data stores through individual applications or network access.

Cheaper Business Applications?

Once the user has found what they are looking for, they can view the data as HTML, or start the business workflow in the source application simply by clicking the search result button.

And for companies with numerous business applications containing huge amounts of critical data, QueSearch could result in considerable cost reductions.

"They’ve [companies] spent millions on their business applications, which hold a tremendous amount of critical data that can improve profitability and competitive differentiation -- but their employees and customers simply can't find what they need. Queplix securely puts this information within convenient reach, unlocking additional value from the company's applications,” Steven Yaskin, CEO of Queplix said.

He added that the new offering will bridge the gap created by incomplete access to structured data, often requiring manual data extraction and hard-coded SQL programming.

A Secure Solution

In addition, because current solutions lack a comprehensive security and access control framework to enforce existing application policies, many enterprises are reluctant to include sensitive but valuable data in search results.

The QueSearch solution addresses these issues with synthetic documents - QueSearch ingests structured data from enterprise and cloud applications; near real-time indexing, dynamic discovery and web-based data browsing.

Another Plug 'n Play Appliance

Queplix's flagship platform technology QueCrawler was developed in 2004, to crawl and index structured data. Since 2004 the platform has evolved into several products in order to provide access to structured data and  unstructured data.

QueSearch is distributed as a plug-and-play appliance and provides a simple Search Administration interface where Search Administrators can perform various search related functions.

Learn more about this platform and other Queplix products from their website.