As CMSWire readers know, typical online buyers use a number of different channels to research and make purchase decisions.  Consequently organizations need to find ways to intelligently engage with their customers across channels and in a personalized manner.

According to an Aberdeen's Report (download the PDF), the top two digital channels used to reach customers are the website (60%) and email (47%). Therefore, it would seem that the key to success online is for you to prioritize the delivery of smart content via these two channels. Easier said than done.

With so many different technologies available to provide pieces of this multi-channel puzzle, integration issues are a top concern. As a result, there is increasing pressure to use a web content management system that encompasses much of the needed capabilities. 

According to Aberdeen, the next generation of web content management systems (WCM) need to support the marketer by providing actionable insights that can drive more online engagement. To do this, capabilities such as lead scoring, web analytics, customer relationship management and email marketing need to be tightly integrated into the Web CMS platform.

Combine lead scoring with dynamic content and profiling and you have a platform that can support the online engagement required to reach your customers and make them buy your products and services.

If you want to understand more about the technology challenges facing marketers today and how the next generation of web content management system can resolve some of these challenges, check out the Aberdeen Group's report (hosted by Sitecore) entitled Next Generation WCM: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges and The Future of WCM.