ACOM,document management
ACOM Solutions has unveiled a new release of EZContentManager, a Windows-based document management solution that gives users a Web front end for accessing documents originating from the System i and other server platforms. Version 3.4 sees the addition of quite a few handy features aimed at making document scanning, searching and retrieval tasks a breeze. ACOM launched EZContent Manager in December 2005 to address what they saw as a lack of low-cost and easy-to-use content management systems in the market. Instead of powerful but complicated CMS offerings from IBM and others that run on the System i and cost more than $100,000, ACOM caters to smaller organizations by providing a basic content management system that could run on industry-standard servers and cost a fraction of the other market offerings. With EZContentManager, ACOM delivered a CMS that runs on a SQL Server-based repository and provides basic index, archiving and search capabilities, as well as a Web-based interface that allows users to pull up documents, in addition to other features. And their starting price of $10,000 is a lot easier on the wallet than the bigger systems. With a couple years of development under its belt, ACOM is stepping things up and adding more sophisticated capabilities to EZContentManager. With EZContentManager 3.4, ACOM has added a number of new features that improve the document import and scanning functions. For example, a new auto linking feature will automatically apply virtual links to batch documents according to the metadata they contain. Enhancements to the import utility, including the capability to copy jobs and resize windows, will also be of benefit to users. Finally, one-off scans will be easier to perform thanks to the new Web-based scanning utility. Finding specific documents in the archive should be easier thanks to the new capability to perform wildcard searches in any field. Less manual intervention will be needed to move documents in and out of the archive as a result of a new automated retention policy. Also, ACOM added the capability to preview a document, eliminating the need to download documents to view them. EZContentManager version 3.4 is available now at ACOM.