Add Google Maps to Your Content with Inergize Web CMS
The last few months have brought exciting developments to Inergize Digital (news, site). In April they not only ranked as an industry leader in client satisfaction with their content management system, they also updated their Wireless Application Protocol site to offer video delivery, style customizations, a redesigned user interface and monetization.

However, that was only the beginning. This week they introduced Google mapping technology for their Web CMS clients.

Integrating Google Maps

Everyone knows how handy a Google map can be. Whether from the street or satellite, finding your way is easy and accessible. Inergize capitalizes on its usefulness so that customers can create and add maps to their online content.

Because it is fully integrated within Inergize Digital's Web CMS, users can expect to add maps easily and effectively so as to provide an interactive component to readers. There's hardly a topic where a map wouldn't complement, from weather to sports to world events.

The Benefits of Google Maps

In fact, CNN Money published an article this week hyping the benefits of Google Maps in finding jobs. Those seeking employment were using the search engine's satellite views to access the location of companies at which they were interested in working, as well as quick links to their websites.

Inergize Digital is of course hopeful that its clients will benefit from "increased workflow efficiencies" by integrating Google maps in their comprehensive web publishing platform. Best of all, current customers can start using Google maps immediately, at no additional cost.

Google maps is the preferred mapping technology of the web and being able to fully integrate it into a web publishing platform assures that publishers will be able to provide more context to their stories.