An Award and New Add-On for Media Web Content Management System
Inergize Digital Media is on a roll. The digital management solution company which helps to generate revenue for local media companies was revealed to be the industry leader in client satisfaction with its Content Management System.

The rankings were part of a recent survey of broadcast and print executives by SmithGeiger. The survey highlighted the essential role that being "online" plays within the strategies put forth by broadcast and media executives.

While ranking highest in client satisfaction, Inergize Digital CMS also led the competition with the highest client retention rating, technology innovation rating and the highest confidence rating to integrate with new on-air and content delivery systems in the next six to 12 months.

Leveraging Media with CMS

Inergize's Content Management System leverages the power of video, e-mail and syndication delivery, and online directories, as well as advertising leadership in contests and gaming to create profitable websites and campaigns for local television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other media companies. Media companies like E.W. Scripps, Four Points Media, and New Vision Television Group employ Inergize Digital to help position their websites as popular sources of local information.

Now these companies have a new tool. E-mail Connect, a new e-mail manager integrated in the Inergize Content Management System for media companies was introduced this week. With E-mail Connect, Inergize Digital CMS clients can create, manage and send newsletters, e-mails, breaking news and other direct communication.

Lucky attendees of the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada this week will be privy to a special demonstration of E-mail Connect. For the rest of us, however, we can revel in its specs. 

Integrated Ad Manager

By making it easier to add logos, teasers, stories, links, promotional coupons and other marketable material, Inergize offers customizable HTML e-mail templates with lots of flexibility -- all of which can help to leverage targeted email advertising to increase revenue. 

E-mail Delivery Management 

E-mail Connect uses 100 percent e-mail valid markup to ensure sent e-mails display as designed and are delivered at the highest possible rate. All e-mail messages meet anti-spam requirements through Sender Policy Framework (SPF) verification to reduce spam designation.

Emails are sent individually in batches using a high-performance email sender, which ensures that they are simultaneously processed. In addition, a dedicated mail transfer agents also provides monitoring every 10 seconds, determining the best transfer agent for each e-mail message to expedite delivery.


Clients can track how many e-mails were delivered, opened, which links generated the most interest and who clicked on each one using real-time e-mail tracking and reporting.

Comprehensive reports, which are generated after each campaign can help users best determine consumers' interests, the best day and time to send e-mail messages among others.