After the Deadline Offers Live Editing for WordPress Users
Founding WordPress (news, site) developer Matt Mullenweg posted some interesting stats about the platform in his blog earlier this month: "Last week you guys published 1.4 million new blog posts, but you only ran the spell checker about 204 thousand times. Ahem. The two possible explanations for this are that we’re all perfect writers or that we just forget to run the spell checker."

Since the majority of you probably fall into the former category, listen up! Automattic, the company behind WordPress and other popular solutions like Akismet and PollDaddy, just cut loose a new and improved spell check and grammar tool that works live with your blog. 


After the Deadline

After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to recognize writing errors and offer smart suggestions. Managed by Raphael Mudge, the tool aims to help users spend less time editing not only by underlining obvious spelling mistakes, but also by recognizing grammar and style issues.

Additionally, the tool now features a set of fairly cool style options that users can enable for proofreading:

  • Bias language may offend or alienate different groups of readers.
  • Clichés are overused phrases with little reader impact.
  • Complex phrases are words or phrases with simpler every-day alternatives.
  • A double negative is one negative phrase followed by another. The negatives cancel each other out, making the meaning hard to understand.
  • A hidden verb is a verb made into a noun. These often need extra verbs to make sense.
  • Jargon phrases are foreign words and phrases that only make sense to certain people.
  • Passive voice obscures or omits the sentence subject. Frequent use of passive voice makes your writing hard to understand.
  • Phrases to avoid are wishy-washy or indecisive phrases.
  • Redundant phrases can be shortened by removing an unneeded word.

See them in action:


 It's About the Writing

"At its core WordPress has always been about writing — that’s why we put so much effort into things like the visual editor, revisions, and auto-save, so you never lose your work," added Mullenweg. "Now you have another arrow in your quiver to help you present the best possible face to your readers and the world."

Apparently Mullenweg was "blown away" after trying out the tool, and if you can impress the founding developer of the platform, we think it's safe to assume the solution is pretty darn cool. 

Fortunately for all you WordPress users out there, Mudge isn't stopping while he's ahead. The "mad scientist" of solutions is constantly adding new features and rules, and as far as we can tell there are no plans in the immediate future to call it quits. 

Like all the best things in life, After the Deadline is totally free and you can download it here. Tinker away and let us know what you think.