Agility has announced new updates to its Web CMS platform, supporting faster editing of both content and images.

Not only does the document management system have a new look, but new Agility customers will be able to take advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform for easy, fast website builds. Gone from Agility's Media and Documents tab is the Documents section, and in its place is a new Media section. A proper label in the enterprise 2.0 era, right?

Workflow Innovations

Managing documents in the overhauled Media and Documents section is now more intuitive and in keeping with what users expect from so many refined interface experiences. There are new sections here for Media, Image Galleries and a new Recycle Bin.

Under the Media heading is a new tool called Show as Grid, and it changes the layout of a folder to the familiar image-based thumbnail view. From there, any images in the grid view can be highlighted and edited within the folder; no Photoshop needed.  


Agility is updating its CMS to include more intuitive features, but the ultimate goal is to make it easier and faster than ever to build great new websites.

It's easy to resize, crop, rotate or flip images here, and because those are the most common photo editing tools, it's a streamlined process for reduced cost and faster time-to-market. Furthermore, when those images are ready to be published, there's an easy way to create thumbnails viewable on the customer side.

When inserting images, a new tab in the field properties will show up called Thumbnails, and the options there are easy to set up and automatically generated. The thumbnail views will be available wherever that image is used, another time saver.

Drag & Drop Uploading

Another familiar yet powerful tool that is newly added is the ability to batch load files. Drag and drop multiple files or zip compressible files if necessary.  


Agility is ready to help customers find the right mix of easy setup and intuitive usage with its new CMS update.

Other new features include a smoother way to move items in the content list. Save time clicking up and down and instead just select the items you want moved and hit the Move button. There's also dozens of new bug fixes, better performance with large content lists and Content Sync over secure HTTPS connections. Agility has the full list, but the main thing to note is all of the changes are geared to help make websites better, not just easier to build.