Agility Offers Improved Content Editor in Web CMS
In its latest bi-monthly update, Edentity (news, site) adds some 20 new features and over 100 fixes to its Agility web content management system. The fixes beef-up its content editor, better support is added for image and document management with more control over image formatting and there is an improved table wizard.

Agility May Updates

Edentity's ASP.NET-powered SaaS content management system continues to receive regular updates to improve its range of features. May's update comes with improvements to the editor, tweaks for designers and developers and some new jQuery features.

Improving Content Classification

The main focus of the May 2009 release is to streamline the management of sophisticated content architectures without sacrificing usability, improving the way content can be classified and related within the CMS:

  • Content can now be related to other content
  • Unique fields can be established across the system
  • Page templates have more options for default settings

Fixed Modules in Templates

Developers will benefit from some additional tweaks:

  • A Page Template can now have multiple fixed modules in a module zone
  • These modules can be "defaulted" to be created in staging mode (instead of new) with default values
  • If the module cannot be created (because it has non-defaulted properties), it is left as new
  • This allows you to more easily specify what any given page in the site will be populated with when it is added to the sitemap

Preview Content

Other changes include the ability to see highlighted alerts for pages that need to be republished before you can view changes made. Preview links can be emailed for others to check and inspect before publication. This includes people without access to the editing system.

jQuery Support

The jQuery additions include implementation of jQuery v1.3.1 support, allowing it to be used on input forms. This should iron out problems on tabs caused by the AJAX toolkit that preceded jQuery.

Change from Top to Bottom

Joel Varty, Director of Research and Development for Agility was quoted as saying, “Configuration and management of complex content hierarchies has been drastically simplified in the May release. We are excited about additional productivity enhancements that are coming for the next release.”