Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in November 2011

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Welcome to the October 2011 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at [email protected] to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.

CMS Made Simple

In October, the folks at CMS Made Simple (news, site) released CMSMS 1.10. This new version brings aboard features such as:

  • Support for lazy module loading
  • Replace TinyMCE with MicroTiny
  • Revamped module downloading code
  • Replaced the Printing module with CmsPrinting
  • Revised the ModuleManager module installer
  • Preview functionality for the News module
  • Reduced all stylesheets into a single cached .css file by default
  • Support for a separate admin URL using SSL
  • Salt passwords for admin users
  • Additional bug fixes and housekeeping tasks

Together, these changes noticeably reduced the download size for CMSMS 1.10.

Coming in 2012, CMS Made Simple is holding another GeekMoot conference in Europe. You'll find them on March 9 and 10 in Northampton, UK. Early bird tickets are already available, and there's still time to propose a talk. Expect more information about the program in November.

Composite C1

In October, the folks at Composite C1 (news, site) celebrated its first birthday as a free, open source project. The project also enjoyed a #1 rating among all CMSes at Microsoft's (news, site) open source portal CodePlex, reaching eighth place among the more than 25,000 software projects hosted there.

The team also accepted a community contribution that adds support for ASP.NET Razor. You can see this integration in action here:

It's also added an image gallery package that can feature images from your Facebook (news, site) photo albums, including features such as Facebook comments and likes.


In October, the folks at DotNetNuke (news, site) announced the schedule for its DotNetNuke World 2011 conference. This year's theme is "The Cloud, Mobile and Social Revolution," which will coincide with a new release focusing on mobile capabilities.

October also saw the release of a free Disqus module for integrating with the Disqus comment platform.


In October, the Info-Tech Research Group called Drupal (news, site) a "market pillar" of web content management in its Vendor Landscape Plus: Web Content Management report. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert also named John Albin Wilkins to be Initiative Owner for the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative.

eZ Systems

In October, the folks at eZ Systems (news, site) launched the latest eZ Publish roadmap site, which allows contributors, users and partners to discuss and rate feature ideas. The company also announced the developer preview of its new API.

Its "cool tutorial of the month" is How to Build Native Mobile Applications with the eZ Publish REST API.


In October, the folks at Jahia Web CMS (news, site) announced its Certified Migration Program to Jahia 6.5, which includes free content migration. There's no impact on your subscription cost for using this service, and the migrated material includes:

  • Metadata models (permissions, users, etc.)
  • Content definitions transfer
  • Security and Authentication models


In October, the Joomla! (news, site) project team celebrated the 26 million download mark. Also, the Info-Tech Research Group called Joomla a "market pillar" of web content management in its Vendor Landscape Plus: Web Content Management report.

October, too, brought the release of Joomla 1.7.2 and 1.5.24. Both of these are security fix releases, so be sure to upgrade.

Coming in November are Joomla Days:


In October, the folks at Nuxeo (news, site) launched Nuxeo Cloud, which offers a development, customization, testing and production CMS environment in the cloud. It also announced a partnership with Scality, with an integration allowing the Nuxeo Platform to keep its binary files and unstructured data within one of Scality's storage options, and announced the Nuxeo Integrated Development Environment (Nuxeo IDE). This Eclipse (news, site) based environment "bridges the gap between Nuxeo Studio, the hosted configuration environment, and do-it-yourself development."

As if that wasn't enough, Nuxeo also hosted its global conference for open source enterprise CMS customers and partners.


In October, the folks at the ASP.NET-based Orchard (news, site) open source CMS and platform project released Orchard 1.3. Features new in this release include:

  • A configurable and extensible rule engine
  • Markdown support
  • Draft preview
  • A forms API
  • Tokens
  • Bug fixes

Coming in November, it's working on features for 1.4. In particular, it has called for contributions to its Projector (query builder), new core field types, Autoroute (content URL patterns) and performance improvement work.


In October, the Plone (news, site) Foundation Board of Directors elected Carol Ganz, Alan Hoey and Héctor Velarde as the newest members of the Plone Foundation. Coming in November is the Plone Conference 2011 in San Francisco.

Learning Opportunities


In October, the folks at Squiz (news, site) offered a seminar on optimizing online channels. In particular, anyone selling things on the web can benefit from its overview of "A Clearer Path to Online Success," as shown below:

Squiz Seminar - Optimising Online Channels: Phil Taylor
View more presentations from Squiz
Another useful product of its seminar is a short, platform-agnostic video introducing the concept of Responsive Web Design:

Responsive Design Video from Squiz UK on Vimeo.

The team also went into more detail on the Squiz Roadmap, and is preparing to release versions 4.4.4 and 4.6.0 of Squiz Matrix in November. New features and enhancements include:

  • Performance enhancements to the web path check process launched when creating an asset
  • New keyword replacements for remote content URLs, asset user IDs and calendar asset times when in iCal format
  • New form submission action for uploading a submitted video file to YouTube

Tiki Wiki CMS

In October, the folks at Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware (news, site) celebrated Tiki's 9th birthday. This month also brought the Tiki mailing lists to 100,000 messages.

TikiFests in Sherbrooke and Frankfurt kept the community's momentum going, as did the release of Tiki 7.2 and a release candidate of Tiki 8.0.

New features in Tiki 8.0 include:

  • More flexible trackers
  • Filtering the administration panel's advanced preferences
  • Search infrastructure improvements
  • Upgrade of the Smarty template engine to version 3
  • Completed German translation

Coming in November, expect to see the final release of Tiki 8.0, updates to Tiki 6.x LTS, plans unveiled for TikiFest Design and more.


In October, 370 TYPO3 (news, site) developers and users gathered in Frankfurt, where the team officially announced FLOW3 1.0 during the keynote. The PHP framework and web application platform was then officially launched later in the month. FLOW3 offers:

  • Dependency injection
  • Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)

FLOW3 is the underlying technology for TYPO3 version 5, aka Phoenix. The project also released TYPO3 version 4.6, which offers:

  • Reworked localization mechanisms
  • A new form content element
  • Enhanced security and performance

In November, look forward to the release of FLOW3 1.1 beta1. This next version introduces system policy support and security, plus dynamic firewall filter registration.


In October, the folks at WeWebU (news, site) had its partner, Zia Consulting, present its flagship product, OpenWorkdesk, at the Alfresco (news, site) DevCon. Coming in November, WeWebU will present the product at Alfresco DevCon EMEA and APAC.


In October, the folks at WordPress (news, site) continued its work toward WordPress version 3.3 with the releases of WordPress 3.3 beta 1 and WordPress 3.3 beta 2. New features and updates for these two betas include:

  • A media uploader
  • An improved admin bar
  • "Fly out" admin menus
  • An updated Blue theme
  • Improved Microsoft (news, site) Internet Explorer 7 and RTL support
  • Improved contextual help styling
  • Bug fixes

October also marked WordPress founders Automattic (news, site) announcing a partnership with Federated Media, allowing WordPress.com (news, site) blog owners to place ads on Federated Media's nearly 25 million sites.